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    So, I decided to hop onto the .22 bandwagon, and bought myself a Savage 64 for a little over $100 at Dunhams. Took it to the range and loved it. Got a very nice grouping once I dialed it in of about 3 inches from 50 yards. Now the problem I am facing:

    I bought a 525 round pack of Remington Golden Bullet that was on sale at Dunhams for 14.95. And a small 50 round box of Federal. I shot about 15 good rounds of the Rem. until I started having issues. The 16th or so round exploded in the chamber. No harm was done to the gun or anyone else; luckily it was only a .22 and not anything bigger. So, I figured it was a bad round and kept going. It kept happening. I had about 10 that exploded at the primer out of 35. I had no problems what-so-ever with the Federal. Even after having 10 primers explode on me, I was able to fire 50 flawless rounds of the Federal, so I know the gun isn't the problem.

    Is Remington bad ammo for .22's? I took that box back and brought along the bad shells for proof and got a refund.

    Let me know if you want pics and I'll supply them. Right now it's a little late and I need my sleep. Just wanted to get this issue out there first.
  2. Was it standard .22lr? I know when I looked at the manual for my 10/22 it was very firm on only regular .22lr, not the "stinger" ammo could that be the problem?

    I only ask cause I never read the manual

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    my 10 22 loved stinger ammo. hmm, thats about all it liked.
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    Call the ammo mfg and ask if anyone else has had an issue with the lot number you are having a problem with. Also check your gun closely for anything that may be out of spec.

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    I already took the ammo back to the store, so, I have no way of checking the lot number now. The gun functions perfectly with Federal .22LR, it doesn't seem to like the Remington .22LR Golden Bullet HP Value Pack. I don't know what it is. As for pics, here ya go:

    This is what I did at 50 yards

    This is what I kept

    This is one that just bulged out

    This one is the worst one. As you can see, it just exploded.
  6. Wow! That's insane! I have run thousands of those Remington Golden bullets with no known failures. I'd think the explosion would scare the funk out of a guy. Pretty impressive grouping at 50 yards as well, can't whimper about that at all.
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    Avoid Remington Ammo at all Costs!

    Ammo quality from Remington is poor, at best. I also had problems with the same .22 rimfire ammo as yours, almost every round would FTF. I discovered that every bullet would spin freely inside it's case, as if there were no crimp, at all. Since I bought the brick at a gun show, I was unable to return it to the vendor. I sent it back to Remington and they sent me a check for $24. Their letter to me said their testing was "inconclusive". Never had a problem with Federal bulk from Walmart.

    Your failure indicates overpressurization, i.e., too much powder.
  9. My neighbor had the same problem about 2 months ago with Rem in his 10-22. He wrote to Remington, and they blamed the gun. How can they say anything without examining the damaged brass first?
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    Yeah, I talked to the DMR guy at the gun range I go to, and he said that the ammo must have been running hot, i.e., too much powder. I guess I'm just going to have to use Federal from now on. It seems to be better ammo overall. That's what got me my grouping on that one target.
  11. I still have a few thousand rounds of Remington Gold in my stash, I'll see how it shoots when I get to it. Also have a few thousand of the Federal in the stash too, haven't pulled the fun lever on any of them yet. The good news is Wally Mart has the Feds for $11.95 for the 550 paks. A great price these days.
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    That is almost looks like head space problems.
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    That's the thing, I didn't have any problems when using the Federal. I thought it was possible that the bolt wasn't closing all the way, and that is where the exploding cartridges come in. I am sure that the gun is not at fault. I'll take the gun back out and check it over again. This time, with all Federal.
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    .22's are just picky with ammo. Both my 10/22 and my 22a will not shoot the remington golden bulk stuff at all. I get at least four failures per 10 rounds from that ammo, and that is being optimistic. I switched to federal bulk, and got maybe five failures out of the entire 500 round box.

    On the other hand, I have a friend that I gave the remington stuff too, and his marlin shoots it flawlessly.

    Try several types of ammo until you find the one that shoots the best, and is the most accurate for your paticular weapon.
  15. jsumpter is correct about .22's being picky about what they will feed and shoot reliably, none of my rimfires shoot their best with the same ammo used in another gun I have.

    A friend had an older Remington semi auto, like from the 60's, and it did the exact same thing with bulk pack 36gr Remington Gold Bullets. I got peppered on the side of the face with a mix of brass and powder while squirrel hunting one day. I though his gun had exploded at first... then I checked all my body parts and cranial integrity... Once I was sure I was intact we proceeded to give his rifle a good going over, cleaning and test run.

    Turns out the factory specs on the bulk pack Rem Golden bullet ammo varies a good bit from lot to lot and even bullet to bullet in the same lot. In my friends gun the rounds that exploded out the side had a slightly wider base than those that chambered correctly. This effected the head space just enough to allow the round to be fired but didn't contain the entire base of the round allowing it to "explode" out the side of the case. This is very similar to the notorious Glock .40 Kaboom issue with the chamber not fully supporting the base of the round come ignition time.

    Now for the Savage 64... The best all around ammo I have found for this particular model is CCI Mini Mags, course each gun is an individual so you will have to see what your gun prefers.
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    So far, it seems as though it likes the Federal. I will go to Dunhams and get a stash of different brands and see what my gun likes to shoot.
  17. I use the bulk pack Federal 36gr hollow point ammo as plinking fodder in almost all of my rimfires. Feed and function with this bulk ammo is excellent and accuracy is acceptable for plinking. I had a Romanian M69 bolt rifle a couple years back that would make ragged hole groups at 25 yards using the Federal bulk pack.

    Definitely get some of each brand and test it out, you will be amazed at how much brand and bullet type make when it comes to group sizes with a rimfire.