.22 revolver lr/mag

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  1. other then heritage rough rider and ruger single six. is there any .22 revolver that come with two cylinder allow to shoot 22lr and 22mag? i finally try out rough rider and single six. try the 22lr, i like single six is a bit better fit but heritage is cheaper. they are great guns to shoot but ejecting part sucks. so before i make up my mind, i want to see if there are more option out there.
  2. In the best world you'd buy two Smiths, one in .22LR and one in .22Mag. But that world is too expensive for me.

    Maybe you'll find a good deal, just spend some time looking and don't hurry, you never know what will turn up.

    Good luck!

  3. can't beat the Ruger single six. Your great grandchild will thank you for leaving it to him. The Rough Rider, not so much.
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    22 lr might only make someone really mad...

    22 mag is better.

    my advice is skip 22 altogether

    the NAA is pretty neat though.
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    I wouldn't rule out Heritage models. They're very nice. Consider them the Hi-Points of Single Six's :) As for the spring loaded shell ejector rod...., it's not top line, but serves the purpose. Look at it like this..., if the ejector was crappy, don't you think there would be reports of it, and considering Heritage makes low cost Single Six's that the gun snobs would have beaten Heritage's name to death publically? They're good revolvers, cheap, fun to shoot, and well worth every penny.

  6. exactly true. While we HP owners enjoy them they are hardly heirloom quality. The same holds true for the Heritage. Another anology would be comparing a Ruger to a Taurus. Sorry no comparison really. Ruger is better hands down.