22 semi auto pistol (i limit it down to three)

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  1. well, i limit down to 3 .22 semi pistols. ruger mark III 22/45, beretta neo, and phoenix hp 22(if i can find them).

    ruger mark III 22/45: i like this pistol i have lots fun with it on rental range, love the sight and feel of grip. though, it is pain in the back to field strip.

    beretta 22 neo: i like its grip, it fit me the best out of all other 22. easy to field strip, nice mag release (though not left-handed friendly). but i haven't shoot it yet.

    phoenix hp 22: not thing i can really say about it. it fit ok in my hand. i love its price.

    the 22 semi that i will NOT consider:

    buck mark by browning: the grip don't fit my hand at all, my thumb can't reach the mag release without changing my girp. the slide is really tough, and it require tools to field strip.

    s&w 22a: the grip is not too bad, like the mag release design. a bit too heave for my taste. the real reason i won't consider this gun is because the range i often go had one(lemon), and couldn't get it working well enough to rent, and s&w being really irresponsible about fixing it. they shipped it back 3 time without solving the problem. so i'll stay away from this gun.
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    you also forgot the walther P22. Very lefty freindly ( i know) and tough as nails.


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    my brother has a 22/45 I've shot it a few times and it is a tack driver. My brother likes it because it feels so much like his 1911. I've not played with the others but i do have a Beretta .21a in 22lr and have had no probs with it, or my other berettas cant go wrong with ether company.
  4. The only one with which I have personal experience is the HP-22.

    * Great price
    * External hammer and hammer block
    * Available 5" barrel, which I have, use, and love
    * Like Hi-Point, they have a lifetime warranty which covers subsequent users. However (see the cracked frame problem, below), some users have complained that repeated warranty claims may be rejected.

    * The sight is adjustable for windage, but not elevation. Just learn to shoot low or high.
    * Probably not the quality of the other two. In particular, there have been stories of cracked frames because of the thin walls around the mag well.
    * Maddeningly obtuse safeties, which affect more than just shooting. I'm really tired of having to read the manual every time I want to break it down, clean it, and reassemble. Yeah, to field strip you have to have the safety on some of the time and off some of the time; you have to have a mag in the well some of the time, and out some of the time. In short, this is the firearm you produce when you stay in California (unlike JA) and try to live by the local (insane) rules.

    In short: I'm glad I have one, as I got a great deal on it (much less than MSRP). However, for full price, I'd probably want to save up for the Ruger. That's my preference for the high-priced spread, but YMMV.
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    I field stripped my MkII once and never did it again. Never had any problems with it. I just flush out the crud with WD40, then lube with BreakFree.
  6. walther is great, but i can't afford it. it really come down to ruger and neo and which ever is cheaper. i want them in 4 or 4.5 inches barrel.
  7. The whole key with field stripping a 22/45 is that you need to have the gun pointed either up or down depending on the stage of assembly/dissembly.

    Once you understand that, the rest of it falls into place.
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    Walthers are generally cheaper than ruger MkIIIs especially on the used market. around 200 or so for a decent one.

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    Go for the Ruger.
  10. DO NOT GET THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had one, they are very cool looking but are jam-o-matics!
    Sights are sheet also....

    DO NOT GET THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Exactly, once you figure it out it is simple.
  13. Bought Ruger Mark III bbl 6in Traget brand new for 299.00 at gun shop.
    Have small hands fit perfic. Shoots very well, dead on open cites at 30 yards. . Beautiful black finish. All steel. Not hard to take apart and put back together once you get the hang of it.
  14. all right, just back from the shop. put down the deposit for beretta 22 neos 4.5" black. $292 include tax and dros.
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  16. The P-22 is a great little gun and usually cheaper than the Ruger though the ruger gets high marks in Gun Test Magazine.

    The NEO gets poor ratings.
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    I guess I got the only Walther P22 that was a piece of crap. The slide would acctualy get stuck open as if it were the last round fired. The day I bought it I returned it to the store and they sent it to S&W for repair. Got it back in two weeks and they had filed down the hammer and replaced the main spring. It was better but half the time the slide would not pickup the next shell. Because of this I was firing on an empty chamber and the firing pin spring broke. Back to S&W again with a letter about the problem which they didn't read. They changed the hammer but did nothing for the firing pin spring. I called and talked to a supervisor and he told me they only test with one clip. In my letter I said that when the gun was cold it would work fine but after about three clips it would act up. so back to S&W it goes
    I think that a 22pistol costing almost $300 should work right out of the box so because of the crappy service I got I will not be buying any S&W product in the future

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    I know its not one of your three.....but the Taurus PT-22 is fun to plink with and is really small. I know that alot of people say they are crap, but I can only go by the experience that I have had and my PT-22 shoots great including the cheap bulk ammo. I got it new for $175. It is a much higher quality pistol than the Phoenix.

    Overall the best semi-auto .22 in my opinion is the ruger.
  19. why did you sent your gun to s&w? is walther own by the s&w now? i also have bad experience with s&w tech, they were punch brain dead idiots. who don't listen to anything you say, just do their standard test to all their problem gun. which cause us to sent it back couple time. that was the reason i did not pick the s&w 22a.