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    I am looking for recommendations for an inexpensive semi auto 22 for my wife. She has some health issues and could barely pull the slide back on my C9. So she needs something easy to operate with probably a light trigger pull as well. She also want to get pink grips. :) She really doesn't want a revolver but we may have to go that way. Also the gun will be for target practice at the range.

    Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. Phoenix hp 22a.

    Find one try it out. Just be sure to pull the hammer back before racking. Makes a huge difference in the pressure required to pull it.
    Light SA trigger. 3 and 5 in barrels. Plenty accurate for plinking

    Pink grips. .....
    Take the grips off. Buy this awesome stuff called plastic dip. And make them pink :)
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    Yeah...what he said. Leave all the safeties off and use it like a revolver. It is single action only on the first shot so you have to pull the hammer back for the first one and then, of course, it cocks the hammer for the next shot. I have one with a 5 inch barrel and it is a blast shooting it.
  5. I always forget about the little taurus pt.
    I always found it a little pricey for what it is. But the tilt up barrel is a great idea..... that they got from beretta; -)
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    My Dad bought my wife a PT-22 & she loves it. She took her CCW class with it. She is a very good shot @ 10'! Watch Armslist, you can pick one up FTF for $175?
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    Something too keep in mind with the tip ups is that they don't have an extractor and rimfires bend when you strike them so if they don't fire clearing a jam will be difficult.
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    So others have good suggestions, but if you want something for target practice try and find a used Ruger Mark II. Easy to rack, smooth trigger, extremely accurate & very reliable. Only thing is you'll need to be the one that breaks it down and reassembles it.
  9. I'll stand by the Walther P22(now P22Q). Over 5500 trouble free rounds through of CCI Mini-Mags. Got it specifically for my daughter to learn with. Tiny hands and because of her chronic pancreatitis, she's no very strong. She has no issues with the slide and even if she did, it has an external hammer that's easy for her to thumb.

    Mine shoots perfect with Min-Mags, but yours may be different. Even if you get a SR22, or Mosquito, or other, semi-auto 22's are very ammo picky. Except for the full size M&P22 and new M&P22 Compact. I have the full size and it's flawlessly eaten everything I've feed it. Even the ammo my P22 can't.

    The P22 comes in many colors and pink is one.
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    I own a P22 and bought my niece a SR22 of a gift. Shooting them side by side, the SR22 is a much better gun IMO... The P22 is a little picky about ammo, the SR22 eats everything, both are decent guns, but if shopping for one and they where both on the table, it would be the Ruger for me.. Have he take a look at the SR22 and see if she can work the slide..
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    .22lr handguns tend to be picky about ammo. I learned this when I rented a Sig Mosquito one time at the range. Used my standard velocity CCI ammo and it kept messing up. Range man told me that the Mosquito needs mini-mags to function properly.
  12. Taurus PT22, I had one and it's a nice little gun. More expensive is the Beretta Bobcat tip up barrel also. Short barrels on both for range time which is the reason I sold my Taurus. Ok for CC. (pls don;t start on 22lr)

    I had the Phoenix Arms 22. Another nice gun once you get past the safeties. Accurate and fun to shoot. Really inexpensive. I shot bulk high velocity through it even though you aren't suppose to. jammed maybe 5 out of 100. Didn't seem to like lead nose. Sold it and wish for S's & giggles I had kept it.

    I had the ISSC, ammo picky. A friend has a Sig Mosquito also ammo picky .

    I have a Ruger SR22. Excellent gun. Can't say enough good things about it. Eats anything you put in it and will shoot standard to high velocity. Great accuracy. I think they are in the $325 range. My wife can rack it w/o trouble.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I like the looks of the phoenix. There is a range kit that comes with both barrels and runs about $175. I'll have to look into it more.
  14. Think1st

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    I'll second the Walther P22 recommendation. Mine has been reliable with a range of different rounds. It might get an occasional stoppage with standard velocity CCI, but it doesn't malfunction enough with them to be problematic.

    It's also what I bought to teach my wife to shoot a handgun before moving her to the Glock. It's a fun, quality little pistol.
  15. They are good guns. funky safety. look up online how to disable the one. or just get used to them.

    Mine has been pretty much flawless. I can run about 500 rds with out cleaning it. and the cheap Remington golden bullet sure is dirty.
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    The Ruger Mark II/III is the ultimate in dependability.
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    My wife had a similar issue, in fact she could not pull back the charger on any of my Ruger MK pistols, the little Beretta tip ups (similar to Taurus) just do not have the sights for decent plinking. Ended up with a Ruger SR22 and put on pink HANDALL grips sleeve. Works great. Got her pink holster and case and she's happy. Yes more expensive than a Phoenix, but IMHO much better pistol.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The 422,622,2213,2214,2206 S&W's are great. They have fantastic triggers, and the easiest slides you have ever tried. Very light alloy frames. They can be finicky on the ammo. I just ordered some lighter recoil springs. MidwayUSA sells Wolff springs that have different ratings. The 2213/2214 have a 8rd mag, you can use the 10 and 12rd mags that fit the others I listed. The 10, and 8rd mags are still made by S&W. Just need to have a card on file with all the online retailers with a back order. They may still make the 12rd ones.

    If anyone is interested I am wanting to sell a 2213. $325 with a 8rd, and a 10rd if that would seal the deal. FTF in TN or +shipping and FFL on both ends.

    Not mine http://www.genitron.com/Handgun/Smith-Wesson/Pistol/2213-Sportsman/22-LR/Variant-1
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    The Beretta Neos is a great buy. Extremely reliable from our experience with a wide variety of loads and the mags are the least painful to load that I've found when it comes to rimfires. There are also no disposeable plastic buffers (like the S&W22a and Taurus PT22) and disassembly is very simple.

    Barrels swap out in twenty seconds and they're optic ready. Price is also less than $300 so I'm a fan.
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    The beretta u22 is a really good range gun and extremely simple to operate and take down, its lower in price than all the other except the pheonix, but it's just about as accurate as any 22 pistol I've ever shot with comparable barrel lengths.

    EDIT: The U22 is the neos as mentioned above
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