22 states filed that NY AWB unconstitutional

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  1. I finally found the list of the 22 states whose AG's filed in the NYSRPA vs Cuomo NY Safe Act case that the AWB is unconstitutional. Looks like it covers the country North-to-South, East-to-West and the very center. Plus it has bipartisan support.

    "Alabama’s attorney general, the lead author of the bipartisan brief, was joined by attorneys general from Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming."

    Here for the brief that they filed:

    If the 2nd Circuit court sides with the gun grabbers, the chances are greater that one or more of these states will start to revitalize it's state militia. Then AR's, AK's, etc will have full US Constitutional protection for private ownership, procession and use in that state.

    South Carolina currently has a bill to arm theirs. Idaho this year tried to expand it's membership. In it's last session Montana narrowly lost out on fully revitalizing theirs with allowing for an unlimited number volunteers to man it. A few years ago Kansas came close to arming theirs.

    Hang in there and keep up the fight you guys who life in the states that are under the jackboot of the elites. Their current power over you will be remove. These things just take time, but it will happen one way or the other. I wish Minnesota and Wisconsin would have joined in.

    Note that both Florida and Kentucky filed. What if they fully revitialize their state militia and require all able bodied to muster. I just can't help but wonder if SWAGA and/or geekandwife will use a Hipoint to do their legal duty. I hope that they give us a nice report as to how well they work or don't.

    More info here:
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    Funny how people make like they value the 2nd, but not for this or that person to have this or that gun. They'll fight those antis in New York but they're antis themselves.

    It's like this: You think people with the tags "felon" or "mentally ill" shouldn't have the same "rights"? You are an anti. Think some people should be allowed to carry but not others? Anti.

    Until they get it right, who cares what they do?

    Are all men created equal or not?

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    very interesting.

    I wonder if being part of a militia would override or reduce the penalty for full auto weapons
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    Kinda sucks I don't see Ohio on that list. :(
  5. It would be up to the state that the militia was in if they applied or not. Fed gun laws don't apply to a state militia.

    I'd have to reread it, but I think the law that didn't get passed in Montana would have allowed the militiamen to have full autos.
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    Not a chance in He!! that IL will join the group. :mad: More power to them.
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    Ya....I noticed no illinois also. SURPRISE!!!! Give illinois another 20 years, we are slow like the conceal carry.