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22 Years Old and Going Strong

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Back in 2000 I bought this Hi Point CF380 simply because it was so cheap. Fast forward to 2022 and this pistol is still a straight shooter and eats any ammo I feed it. The funny thing is I’m more accurate shooting this pistol than I am with any of my other handguns, and that includes my 22 lr’s.

I’ve never considered the Hi Point to be ugly as most reviewers claim, but it is unique looking. I’m quite sure the looks of a gun doesn’t matter in a self defense situation. 380 ammo started showing up at the local guns stores again so I took my CF380 to the range the other day. I use the Weaver stance when shooting. Here’s a picture I took after shooting 10 rounds at 7 yards.

Font Air gun Auto part Electric blue Design
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Nice OP, and good shooting! I have never seen a gray grip frame before, but it dang sure looks good.
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