.223 Remington 53gr V-Max

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    53gr V-Max projectile, 25.7gr Viht N135, 2.244 COL, 3262 fps MV

    Hornady claims 3465 fps out of a 24" test barrel. I didn't chrono the factory ammo, because I forgot to.

    So I've recently completed testing out a load in three different AR's, all were 16" 1:7's chambered in 5.56. Mine was a Radical Barrel, one was a DPMS Oracle, the third was a Colt something or other. All 3 rifles had 3-9x40mm scopes.

    All 3 rifles made sub-moa 5-shot strings at 100 yards from a sled in what some folks would consider rapid fire with all 5 shots being taken in less than a minute. All 3 rifles also shot 5 rounds of factory ammo with the same projectile to give a sample grouping.

    The DPMS shot the tightest group at .88", the Colt shot the largest group at .97". Each rifle was given a mulligan on the furthest flyer. I had the worst flyer of the bunch on my own rifle which would have made my group almost 3". Of course it was the last shot in the string and I cursed up a storm all the way down to the target stand.

    There was a 12" gong hanging at 300 yards and we each rang the gong with 3 rounds of my hand rolls, and 3 rounds of factory. It was more of manly pride exhibition after the chrono portion of the day than it was a test of the ammo.

    I've shot the factory ammo out over 300 yards and am supremely confident that my hand loads will meet or exceed the performance of the Hornady ammo.
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    Tell the Colt fanbois to suck it!

    Yeah, it's "only" .09 difference, that's statistically no difference, really....but the crappy DPMS they like to rag on was better this time.:p