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    is 223 really enough for home defense and stopping an attacker. ive never fired a 223 so i dont know that much about its power but the round looks a little small ive also heard that the military is switching to 6.8 or something like that because lack of stopping power i could be wrong on that though.
  2. It's a debatable as an effective round deending on what crowd you're talking to. I personally don't have an reservations on it's abilities. Are there more effective cartridges for home defense, absolutely, are there less effective, sure are. I believe it to be a good little medium power round that can and will serve it's intended role in most situation provided it's in the right hands.

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    I like the round... Though it is not just one round... There are many weights of bullets to choose from, someone is even making a 40gr bullet that moves at 4000 fps.
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    its not my choice for home defense im gonna stick with 12 gauge but everyone always speaks of the 223 as this perfect and unmatched round so i was just wondering what all the fuss was about.
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    Well I do not know that anything is perfect and unmatched :wink:
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    except for the all mighty glock :roll:
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  8. Personally, I wouldn't use the .223 as a HD caliber due to over penetration issues. As a hunting, SHTF, outright warfare round, you're good to go.
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    There are some very effective Urban defense loads that police deploy for the 5.56, I happen to like Federals Urban 55gr & 62gr Tactical load which has a very low over penetration problem.
  10. I agree with not using that round due to overpentration. Sure it'd get the job done if you hit the BG with enough of them, but I'd rather be able to fire one shot that'd do the job than many. :)
  11. Ari

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    You don't have to hit the BG with to many of them to take them down with the .223. We had a guy here locally shot with one not to long ago. He was shot at about 10 feet and it went in through his right side came out up by his left collier bone. It took him down right now! Went through a bunch of internals and broke the collier bone on the way by......
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    Exactly what I was thinking...a rifle caliber like that in CQC would easily go through the bad guy and into whatever is behind him...
  13. Are these loads only available to LEO's GlockMan, or can a civilian purchase them as well? If it's approved for civilian sale, then that might be a good option for down the road SHTF situations.
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    IN a SHTF event I don't care what ammo I'M using as long as it goes bang and hits were I aim. The Federal Urban is not a restricted load and can be had by all, it is designed not to exit the body and if it does its in fragments which would be short in range and very unlikely to cause a serious injury to down range targets. These loads will tear up some tissue.
  15. If I may weigh in on this, I've considered this many times over many years. Next to my bed is the pistol I carried that day; either 9mm or .45 ACP. If I really need to be inconspicuous I carry the .380 but switch to a more substantial round upon arriving home. I consider rifles and shotguns to be too long to be handy inside the house.

    If I were to find myself in a position where I needed a rifle, I'd load the AR M4gery (this would have to be SHTF time) before I loaded the 995 (unless it's zombies--my 995 is my designated zombie rifle [j/k]), these are the only rifles I would think would be short and handy enough for home defense. If I load a shotgun it would be #4 buck in the '97 Winchester pump with the short barrel.

    Next up, which ammo do you choose for the handgun? Now we can write another encyclopedia. FYI the 9 and .45 are hollow points. The .223 is milspec and would be my last choice as a good home defense round.
    What it boils down to is that I prefer handguns for home defense. YMMV :wink:
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    Im with NDS on this one. For Indoor HD i have a 9mm luger and a 10mm auto in a pistol locker under the bed, both loaded with winchester silvertips. Long guns are avialble if i need them, but they arent a primary choice.

  17. GlockMan

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    This is my Home defense choices in order,

    12 gauge
    .40S&W Carbine
    9mm Carbine
    9mm thur .45acp Handguns

    All Rifle calibers would be loaded with proven Urban defense loads to reduce over penetration. The Shotgun would be loaded with #1 Buckshot and the Carbines and handguns would have a load from the Recommended list.

    Let me just say that "ANY" gun no matter what the caliber or bullet design can over penetrate a human torso, so while we can't control all down range hazards during CCW there is no excuse why we can not totally control them in are homes. If I'M going to a gun fight, I don't fight fair as I'M going to survive no matter what the cost to the bad guy. There is no such thing as Too Much Gun.
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    Dang GM,
    I'm suprised by your HD list... I don't dissapprove, and I'm not questioning your authoritah, I just never thought of your top 3 as CQ choices. I guess with that Urban Defense ammo that you mentioned the application of each can be more acceptable.
    I need to know though, what the hell are you using to lob 7.62X51 at someone in a home invasion? Or is it for stand off at distance when the zombie hordes try to take Fort GM? :shock:
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    are these the "frangible" rounds that I've heard about?
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    i shoot 223, it will over pentrate if you shoot the none defense rounds. I've shot 6 pointer deers before through the shoulder blades and it WILL go through both of them. Just this last year i bag'd one and it went thru both shoulders. The difference is that the enterance wound is bigger then the exit wound.