.22lr Rifle Suggestion? Mossberg?

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    Hey guys I'm thinking about picking up a .22LR rifle for some fun longer range plinking and some cheap fun. I was looking at the Mossberg 802 with the scope on it it's like dirt cheap the msrp is only $153. Just wanted to see if any of guys had any experience with Mossberg's, what you thought/think of them. Thanks guys.
  2. i have shot it once. its a nice little gun for the price. i didnt like the mag, it seemed flimsy compared to the Ruger 10/22 and the Remington 579. i opted for the Remington because i have no wishes to modify it, and many claim it is the most accurate .22 out of the box. mossburg is a solid product though.

  3. If its a Mossberg its probably a nice rifle, but my suggestion would be the Ruger 10/22.

    That is probably the most popular .22 rifle in the world.
  4. For another $10-$20 a guy can get a brand new basic Ruger 10/22. Not saying the Mossy isn't worth it but I know the Ruger is.

    Also don't overlook the older Marlin/Glenfield Model 60's and 75's. These little gems can often times be found on the cheap and are extremely accurate. :)
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    I have no idea about the 802, but I had one of the plinkster models and it was a decent rifle. Reasonably accurate and never had any issues.

    In the end though, I purchased a 10/22 to replace it and havent regretted it a bit. I installed a vq hammer and sear on it and the trigger pull is simply amazing. They are pretty dang accurate out of the box, but upgrade them a bit and you will have a tack driver.
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    The 802 is a bolt action, if a bolt action is what you want do not buy anything but a savage. (in that price range) The accutetrigger makes such a big difference. It pretty much makes guns without it a waste of money. It is that nice. Since the Savage MKII and the 802 are about the same money it is a no brainier...

    If a semi auto is what you want take a look at a Remington 597 it has a lot going for it.
  7. Just about any 22 rifle (or handgun really) you can buy, especially if it's new in the box, will be worth what you pay for it. Truthfully I have never seen a bad one. Some are better than others of course, but they all pretty much do what you can expect them to do.

    I don't know much, well nothing really about the Mossberg you mentioned, but I don't look at bolt actions too often. When I do it's Ruger 77's and CZ's. By the way. I believe you can get one of the lower end CZ's in that price range or close to it, it seems I've heard. Might take a look at them too. Mossberg does build a good gun. I've got one of their shotguns that I've had for over thirty yearss. Still works great. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I wanted it.

    I'm a 10/22 guy myself, but not the carbine. Nothing wrong with it, it just looks kind of plain. I prefer the upgraded "Delux Sporter" (DSP) and the "Wally World Special" but they're a little higher priced than what you're looking at. For the money, (even with the (GASP) plastic trigger assemby they've started using) they're one of the best 22's on the market. They've only sold 5 million of them so they must be doing something right. I've never done a thing to any of my three and they'll shoot 1/2-3/4" groups at 25 yards stock out of the box, and that's good enough for me. I couldn't see a squirrel at 100 yards, much less hit one, and I'm too lazy to plink that far away. If you do happen to have a bottomless VISA there is no real limit to what you can do with a 10/22 if you want to. You can literally buy the rifle, throw it away and build one from scratch if you want to.

    On the other hand, Marlin has sold something like 7 million of their Model 60 and it's less expensive than 10/22, and some say more accurate and more reliable. I can't say because I don't like the way the rifle looks so I'll never buy one. But it does seem to be a good buy for the money.

    Someone mentioned the Remington 597 and that's another good choice. They cost about the same as a 10/22 but come with a plastic stock. I don't care myself but some people do. I've only fired a few hundred rounds through mine but it's only jammed once and that was during the first magazine. Since then it's run great. I can't say it's any more accurate than a 10/22. Others have, but in my hands they're about the same. The 597 does have a "big rifle" feel to it that I like. A lot of 22's, (the Marlin 60 notably) to me feel small and light. Not the 597. Another good thing about it is, it's a pretty much all weather rifle. With it's parkarized metal and plastic stock, you realy don't have to worry about messing it up. The older ones had a plastic magazine. Look out for that especially if you're buying used. The new generation that works are metal and have circle O 10 brand on them. The Remington is catching up with the 10/22 for aftermarket parts, too.

    If money is no object, get a Marlin 39A. Simpley the best 22 you can buy without going semi-custom/custom shop. All steel and walnut. Even the new ones with the lawyer inspried cross-bolt safety are great. I have heard of a few with poor fit and finish, but I have sure never seen one. Mine shoots ten shot one hole groups at 25 yards with pretty much run of the mill ammo. I've never heard anyone say well my Marlin 39A is just as good as............. It's always My........... is just as good as a Marlin 39A. Twenty years for now, you won't remember what you paid for it. You'll just be glad you've got it.

    My modest "collection" of 22's.

    Marlin 39A, Stevens 46, Remington 597, Ruger Wally World Special 10/22, Ruger DSP 10/22.


    I've got another Ruger DSP 10/22 that's not pictured. I got it later. Need to redo the picture. All the 10/22's and the 597 now wear Bushnell 4x32 scopes.

    For all the information you could ever want and probably a lot you don't go to Rimfire Central. com

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    I like my marlin 795 and you can get it really cheap :)
  9. Another great option, if a guy wants to spend a little more, is the Ruger 10/96 lever action. Sweet handling unit. My wife has a beautiful Browning lever action with walnut wood, simply gorgeous. Spendy, but sweet looking!
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    high end henrys are good but spendy. if you just want a plinker you cna pick up a NEF rimfire for under 100 sometimes. solid single shot, break action with good to excellent accuracy.

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    My little sis just got a Mossberg .22 as an anniversery present from her man (talk about a match there!) and she LOVES it! Around here, the Mossberg is about $60 to $70 cheaper than the 10/22, and if you plan to leave the gun stock, is an EXCELLENT purchase! Nothing against modding the gun, it's just that there really isn't the aftermarket for the Mossberg .22 as there are for the 10/22's
  12. Thats the sweet thing about the 10/22, there are TONS of extras that you can put on them babies.
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    If the cost is steering you, my Mossberg was $100 at wal-mart versus $225 for a basic Ruger 10/22 (when they sold guns). Out of the box we were getting 2" groups at 50yds. I don't shoot it near as much as I would like, but I don't regret not getting the Ruger. Go for it.
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    I have to second the savage with the accutrigger. Bought one for my son as his first rifle. Bolt action was intentional to slow him down and focus on technique.

    It's a great rifle, very accurate and fun to shoot. Love the trigger.
  15. My dealer has a Model 60 Marlin for 79 dollars. Thats quite tempting. I would look for a good Marlin.

    Make sure that no matter what 22 you buy, you look to make sure that the chamber where the firing pin would land, has no peened over spots.

    Dry firing a 22 is a bad thing because it will peen the chamber where the firing pin is and that can cause feeding or extraction problems.

    But boy, that little Marlin 60 is tempting me.

    So is the 200 dollar Henry lever action 22.