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Re: .22LR test- results UPDATED 12-27-08

I have found the Remington 36gr Game Load and Remington 36gr Cyclone to be the most accurate in my Ruger 22/45 and Ruger 10/22. My Savage MkII prefers the Remington 40gr Thunderbolts (still get a good many dud's in each box) while my Springfield Armory (CZ produced) M6 Scout does best with Winchester X-Pert22 ammo. All of my rimfires will deliver decent performance with CCI Mini-Mag 36gr HP's or 40gr Solids.

Everyone that owns a .22lr or .22WMR should conduct similar test of locally available ammo to see what their guns perform best with. Dropping by ole Wally Mart and picking up the cheapest .22lr bulk pack on the shelf, and calling it good, is not doing justice to one's .22 or shooting abilities. Having a 5k stock of bulk pack ammo that produces 1.5" to 2"+ groups @ 50yrds is worthless if you are depending on having supper during a SHTF scenario.
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