.25 acp carbine

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  1. browwiw

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    I thought of this after posting in the "Other Brands of Firearms" forum.

    I really wouldn't mind a carbine chambered in .25 acp. It's already been said that the market is too saturated with .22s for Hi-Point to bother with that, but a .25 would give you a little extra 'umph' and the quirkiness of it might just be a selling point. In fact, I don't think I've ever heard of a longarm .25.

    And if nothing else, it'd give me something else to shoot squirrels and groundhogs with.
  2. I don't think I've ever heard of a long .25acp carbine either. That's an interesting thought. It would certainly be a good one for someone who wanted a "different" gun.

  3. GlockMan

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    It would never happen, the .25acp just plain sucks in every aspect and no one would be able to shot it like they do with .22LR's as .25acp ammo is currently very expensive. The .25acp is a dying load and will be phased out by most ammunition manufacturers in the next 10 to 20 years.
  4. I'm a guy who'll buy most anything just to play with it then sell it to finance a new toy, but I have a hard time picturing myself buying this.
  5. griff30

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    Bullet speed and weight are almost indistinguishable between 25 and 22.
    If anything that small a .25 NAA would be my choice. It's a 32 ACP neckked down to .25
  6. rodka

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    i still think they should make one in 50AE
  7. Sorting some brass tonight, I cam across some .25ACP brass.... what a joke! Even if Hi-Point made a .25ACP carbine, I wouldn't buy it. What a waste of time!
  8. Sorry, I can see a .25 acp as a last ditch stick in someones gut and fire until empty pistol, but never as a round used in a rifle of any sort.

    The price of the ammo alone compared to .22 ammo is enough of a factor considering you would not be getting that much more if anything in return
  9. Sakdog

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    WOW.. What a weird Idea.. But ohh so impractical its like a .50BMG derringer or a 12 ga. revolver.. .. but Browwiw... Thats a really creative idea.. the .25 is just such an expensive and relatively useless round... (As already stated over and over by the others)If .25 ammo was as cheap as .22 it might be interesting because it probably feeds better than the rimmed .22,and is re loadable.. That would be cool because you could make some weird .25 loads
  10. 9mmXfactor

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    i like the idea, and i'd probably buy one, but its pretty useless... lol.
  11. Dave_H

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    The new compact semi-autos have made the .25 ACP pretty much obsolete.
    The main thing keeping it going in my opinion is that is an easy caliber to work with when manufacturing extremely cheap handguns. ( Raven, etc.)
    A carbine would be an interesting technical exercise. As it has already been noted, the cost of ammo would be prohibitive. They would probably only sell a handful of them.
    The only way they might sell in any quantity would be if the price tag was below a hundred bucks, and I don't see how that could happen.
  12. JasonJ

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    a carbine in 7.62x25 would be neat, or 7.62x39 would be badass for sure.

    with pistols.. id like to see a nice compact (think C9 sized) 357sig.
  13. Sniper 995

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    Allready done, taurus millenium pt140 (40 s&w) with a drop in 357 sig barrel....boom... conversion done.
  14. I don't know how it'd work in a blow-back action, but chambering their carbine in the 5.7x28 FN round would be quite interesting. Add a 20 round magazine to it would be very fun indeed.

    The .25 ACP cartridge wouldn't be too bad, kinda like a reloadable 22 LR round. But since the ammo can actually cost more than 9mm, that pretty much seals the deal on a very anemic cartridge. 32 ACP might make a little more sense, which would allow a lighter slide which makes for a lighter carbine and/or pistol.

  15. I wouldnt mind checking that one out myself
  16. Ari

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    Hummm the 5.7x28? [​IMG]
    That might just work....