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  1. I was working a job 2 1/2 hrs from home yesterday and stopped by a GMtn store to see what they had for handguns and prices. That 269.99 was for a used HP 40 S&W. The guy behind the counter had lots of good things to say about it but was comfounded when I told him I had gotten the JHP 45 NIB for $110.00 less. I don't think he believed me.
  2. $129.99 new in Montana. They guy was trying to rip you off; you nailed him.

  3. He was not trying to "rip" anyone off. Anyone is free to ask anything they want for anything they want to sell. You are free to say "no thanks" and walk away.
  4. Yeah I that was a little high but I think that the guy was trying to go on the "theres a fool born every minute" theory and trying to get way way to much for it. But if someone wants to pay that much for one thats their thing. Do I think that it's wrong that he is doing it? Yes
    What can you do about it? Just put out the word that place charges way to much for guns and maby if enough people hear about it and don't buy from him he will go out of buisness and have a real big sale where he migh charge reasonable prices. there is my $.02
  5. That sounds like my local Nazi Gun Store owner.....
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    I was at Cabela's in Dundee Michigan on Saturday and they had a used .40 for $229.00. Which I was surprised that they even had a Hi Point.
  8. Bravo, and, as a free-marketeer, I agree.

    But at that price, and as a sensible individual, I encourage anyone to skedaddle.

    There is an ancient and trustworthy saying: caveat emptor.
  9. I found a new gunshop about 30 miles from my place. Guess what, he's a Hi Point dealer too. His prices run about $25-$35 dollars over MSRP but he gives either a free 2 place, plastic, hard case or holster with the gun. The case is worth about $10.00 and I suppose the holster is the same but it makes people feel good.

    I don't view the GM store trying to sell the used HP for $270 any different than anyone with a booth at a gun show. Some are more honest than others is all. As a consumer it is our responsibility to research what we buy and what we should expect to pay for it. After all it is no other than us, the ones with the money in hand, that support any given price for a product or service. Does it make what that store was asking right? No. Does it make them criminals, no.
  10. Local gun owner has the .40s/w for 180$ and the C9 for 210$ :shock: claiming the 9mm is harder to come by, while his competitor in town, of whom he used to work for sells the 9, .40 and .45 for 150-160$ respectively. Hey, if the first guy can get away with it, then alright good for him, I know where I'm gonna buy my next HP... thats the whole point of price shopping, not only is it entertaining, but rewarding knowing you didn't get screwed over :D
  11. Someone will buy it. It's still half price of a XD or Glock.

    It's all in the presentation. :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Some stores, too, that sell every one at a higher than average price are naturally going to seel a Hi-Point at a higher than average price. But that's just ridiculous. We have a gun shop here that also takes a big markup on their guns but they basically have the corner on the market here. They want $189.00 for a HP 40 S&W, before taxes, but the other calibers, the 9 and the .380 are cheaper.

    It's sad that businesses will stick it to customers that way.
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    Well if they testfire the weapon at the factory isn't that used then? :wink:
  15. Local GM store here not too long ago, had a Ruger MK II, NRA endowment model, used, "on sale" for $599.0. :shock: I found this to be particularly interesting, since I had not two months before, purchased one just like it, NIB from the SAME store, for $219.00.

    Were they trying to "rip me off?" No. That's the value they had assigned to THAT gun at THAT time. I of course laughed out loud and left the gun there, even though I would like to have another one. But not at $599.00 used.

    I don't know what they ever did with that gun, but it was around for a LONG time.

    On the other hand. The SAME store, not too long before that, had a Smith & Wesson 39-2, in near perfect condition for $250.00. I had seen a couple others in the area about that time and they were priced at $400.00+. I jumped all over the one for $250.00. Did I rip them off by not telling them what other dealers wanted for one?
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    OK, I'm not going to get into a pi**ing contest here. I respect alot of you guys for your knowlege of guns and such but you are getting into my field of expertise now. I have a degree in business and presently am a retailer. There is a little thing called business ethics that overrides this "if you're dumb enough to pay that" theory. I assume this gun was for sale at a Gander Mountain? Now as a retailer, GM is bound by ethics to offer its goods at a consistant retail markup. Sure, it may have some sales or clearances but the consumer trusts them to not be "ripped off". On the other hand, gun shows, flea markets and the such are quite different animals....where caveat emptor (buyer beware) takes precedant. But that's the whole ideology behind open markets, you might find a great deal and you might get taken to the cleaners....you better know your stuff.

    Geeez, I could type all day and not begin to cover business ethics and practices, but I think some of you might see where I am going with this. Business goes far beyond "you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get".

    Let me give you an example on the other side of the coin. Let's say I stroll into this GM store and hand over three fake hundreds and take the Hi-Point home. Am I ripping off GM? Just because I never said the hundreds were real, is it GMs fault for not asking or checking them out? I didn't lie to them, I simply let them assume the money was real and of equal value to the gun + tax. Heck no, I ripped them off and in this case, I also broke the law.

    GM implies value by the pricing of their other guns....let's say a used Glock for $400 and a used XD for $375. It is implied then that the Hi Point is in the neighborhood of 20-25% below its NIB cost. That's where the deception (ripping off) begins.
  17. Precisely. Thanks.

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    Ethics in business? I thought it was make the money! you buy for less and sell for more. Hmmmm. in that case a brandnew car should go for about 1500 bucks.
  19. Thats nothing, some guy on craigslist was selling a jhp with extra mag for 300. And he sold it for that much to.
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    I thought it wasn't allowed to Sell firearms on craigs list>?> :?