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    Trigger Words with Ryan Kleckner, spec-op sniper, 2A lawyer, and all around BA.

    Focuses on legal aspects of 2A.


    I listened to #1 and am running #2 right now. So far, so good.

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    The After Action Project podcast
    "The After Action Project is a podcast that focuses on the student's perspective of a specific firearm's (or firearms related) training course. It is an hour long conversational interview, with the time being almost equally split between the student and the instructor. While the podcast focuses on a specific course, it also introduces its listeners to the instructor, their training philosophies, and style of teaching/coaching/instructing."​


    I listened to #1. I think I like the concept. More to listen to.

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    Varg Freeborn's new podcast "Be The Wolf"

    Varg comes from a violent background. Ended up in prison. Got out, got his rights restored, now teaches. "Be The Wolf" is a podcast about self defense mindset, training, fitness, motivation, etc.

    Haven't listened to it yet. Looks interesting. Heard an interview with him on We Like Shooting.


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    Just kinda an up-front warning. If you didn't figure it out, this group are serious Glock fanbois. More than once they have, in literally as many words, said that the Glock (specifically 19) is the "perfect carry gun."

    It gets annoying to me after a while. Their Glockophilia really seems to get in the way of honest and unbiased discussion of non-Glock products. I have to kind of read between the lines to figure out what the reality is.

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    I'm crossing this podcast off of my list and Tony Simon of Diversity Shoot is the biggest reason. He is arrogant. He claims that you can't trust traditional gun magazine writers because they're bought and paid for by advertisers. He claims that you can trust the vast plethora of youtube "reviewers." He regularly mocks Hi Point, a brand that we know is value priced and just plain works. And, final nail, has specifically called out Remington for making "bad" handguns, which 1) contradicts my experience and that of others I've sought out, and 2) based on what he has said of his own experience he has no personal experience with those firearms.

    I recall listening to Mr. Simon as he made his first forays into podcasting. He seemed polite enough then. But apparently he's gotten pretty full of himself and seems to be living in an echo chamber.

    As long as Mr. Simon retains this attitude, I will not be listening to any podcasts he participates in. I'm crossing off my list Guns & Gear, This Week in Guns, and any other podcast he is a host, contributor, or regular panelist on. I just don't want that sort of BS in my life. Neither can I recommend any of those podcasts. If I won't listen to it, I won't recommend anyone else listen to it either. If you want to try it out, OK. Well and good. But it's not my recommendation.

    I gave serious consideration to writing a carefully worded, polite, email suggesting a "milder" tone. But after mulling it around, I discarded the idea. I've tried it before with others and have never gotten any good results. By that I mean, I was mocked and insulted. While it's not really giving Mr. Simon "the benefit of the doubt," my experience doesn't lead me to believe interaction with him would be any different.

    So currently, and specifically because of Mr. Simon's attitude,
    Guns & Gear = Thumbs DOWN
    This Week in Guns = Thumbs DOWN

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    Platinum 10 Medical
    The Platinum 10 Medical podcast is for citizens and first responders to learn more and gain insight about trauma response and medical education.
    Not sure how much of a "gun podcast" this is, but it's being hosted on The Firearms Radio Network.

    I might listen to it, might not.

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    Gun Funny
    Join Ava Flanell and her guests as she explores the firearms industry. Listen and laugh with her as she digs deep into serious interviews and lightens the mood with some awesome prank calls. It's all here for you at Gun Funny. (No gun bunnies allowed)

    I didn't mind Ms. Flanell when she was a regular on We Like Shooting. But prank calling turns me off immediately. It's juvenile and it's even worse imo that she's prank calling gun/gun-related companies. I'd might give it a shot if she were crank-calling Mad Mommies or Bloomborg groups but it automatically turns me off to make fun of the firearms community. I get the whole "self deprecation" and "be able to poke fun at yourself" thing, but I strongly believe we are in a culture war and it pisses me off to give ammo to the other side.

    You might like this podcast, however. If crank-calls is your thing, give this a whirl.

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    Eye On The Target Radio
    Rob Campbell and Amanda Suffecool
    Live over the airwaves (on WNIR 100.1 fm and WNIR.com) that is a Q&A related to personal protection, the 2nd amendment, guns, the shooting sports industry. Recorded live on wnir.com sundays at 7:00 pm est. Listen to the Podcasts, catch us live, or email in your questions to be covered on the next show. Radio@Targething.com. Check out our rust defense items at www.RustPissesMeOff.com. Our discussions include guns, pepperspray, defensive techniques, concealed carry, NRA, firearms, safety and a variety of others as the show is led by the originating topic and the questions asked by our listeners. Amanda Suffecool, Rob Campbell work to make the show lively and topical. Enjoy - Amanda
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    I may have to give Mr. Simon a second chance. Because (and ONLY because) they were discussing the upcoming Hi Point 10mm TS carbine, I decided to listen to Guns & Gear episode 205. On this podcast, Mr. Simon was specifically not arrogant and did not badmouth Hi Point. He did mention several reasons why some people would want one and argued with another podcast member about the utility of the product.

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    Did you guys see Yankee Marshall's Aug 17 interview of MAC, the Military Arms Channel concerning the YouTube shut down of gun channels? I'm sure you did.

    If you've followed my thinking over the years, and if you recall that near two hour discussion you might guess what I found most interesting about it. Marty, I guess is the Marshall's name, is pretty blunt about things I believe but won't speak of due to a fear of what we now can believe is our version of a KGB. A state police force that is out of control.

    By my way of viewing things this has all been predictable. And pretty much right down the lines I've been suggesting is happening for 3 or 4 years. It is getting worst by the day, and sometimes by the hour every damn day.

    The worst is yet to come if we don't wise up. No one is even trying anymore.

    Edit: Where is Flyboy? He will recall. I wouldn't be surprised if he "can't" speak out any longer. I've lost all trust in the US government and media. We have absolutely no idea what that government is up to. None what so ever.
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    No, actually, I didn't. I don't do a whole lot of YouTube. It's inconvenient for me. Actual audio only podcasts are much more convenient for me. The few times that I do give a cast enough interest to Wade through video I usually just ignore the video let it play in the background and listen to the audio.

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    You need to watch the cat videos. It's sooo oooo cute
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    That's to bad. That one is important I think. I'm seeing a change in the belief we will get out of this intact. The change is people with level heads are losing hope this will all just work out.

    What we suspected was going on in the Obama government we now know was going on. The disregard for law was rampant, and at the highest levels. Very serious crimes were committed, and absolutely NO ONE is being held accountable. We see with the Trump administration that the will of the people can and will be resisted, criminall, by career government employees, doing massive damage to out culture and democracy. And everyone retires with full benefits. No one gets fired, no one goes to jail.

    That is not our Constitutional Republic. That is an accurate definition of tyranny. I believe we have lost control of our government and the political system that we trust to provide that government.

    The fucking FBI is openly using their LE powers to turn our democratic elections. The IRS is a tool of those in power. The NSA is absolute EVERYWHERE all the time. Anyone stupid enough to believe otherwise can never lead me.

    It's KGB time my friends. We have lost control of our government.