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3 carbines, two pistols - HiPoint has treated me well

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The first HiPoint I ever handled was a monkey model 9x19mm that my prospective FIL at the time loaned us. He sent some Egyptian 9x19mm ammo w/ it, and I shot it a time or two. Worked fine, of course. I was at a gunshow, and someone was selling the modern stock for it for cheap, so I bought one & upgraded it. Took it back to him when I broke it off w/ his daughter.

Next was a .45 ACP pistol, used, bought at a gun show for $150. Promptly banged the Thingmeister mag catch in it and used a 10 round ProMag, just to see if it would run on it. It did, and I shot that pistol from kneeling at a measured 130 yds, shooting a 6' tall water tank. Squeeze, bang... ... ... bong! Witnessed, no less. Great fun, and likely my best pistolship to date. Loaned that gun out to an ARFCOMer on the condition he shoot it against his 1911s, and write up a post on it, then forward it on to the next ARFCOMer in line. He shot it - a lot. He didn't post about it, didn't send it on. He finally sent it back during the pandemic. I could tell he'd shot it a lot due to powder residue on the forward end of the slide. I suspect he didn't dare tell anyone how well it compared to his fancy-pants 1911s he'd bragged about. Sold that gun a year or two ago at a show, as I recall for twice what I paid for it, although maybe it was only $200.

While I had that one, my lovely then future bride bought me a .45 carbine for my birthday. Banged a Thingmeister mag catch into that one as well, as I'd bought both the pistol & rifle mag catches before I'd bought any HiPoints in the 1st place. Still have it. Need to put the springs back into the buttstock pad. Wish I could convert it to a High Tower bullpup, but am wedded to 1911 mags.

Walked into an AFB gun counter, they had a .40 S&W pistol under the glass for $165. I asked if they had the .45. They did. No sales tax. Had to order a new Thingmeister catch this time, only to find out he'd dropped the wood grips. Ah well. It's the loaner for my joes w/o, and has produced two Glocks, as they don't enjoy being stuck w/ the "Brick" on trips.

My BIL was having domestic troubles, figgered a new gun would cheer him up. He's in my trust, and the .45" can has been mouldering away in his safe w/o a host to screw it to. The new carbines come w/ threaded muzzles, so I got on WalletRaper.com & found him one. Ordered another Thingmeister catch & a couple of 10 rnd mags, and he's quietly in business.
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