3 inch revolver *Update, got a Ruger*

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  1. JonB

    JonB Guest

    After shopping around with my wife, she has decided that she wants a revolver, and I am trying to find a 3 inch model. I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping the group can help me with.

    1. Any suggestions on specific models?
    2. Is it worth it to buy a model that can handle .357 or is .38spl +P plenty? I'm not really thinking for her, more for me, if I ever want to use the gun.
    3. Ammo recommendations?

  2. andrew241

    andrew241 Member

    personally if I bought one I would want a 357 so I could shoot 38 and 357

  3. 1motion

    1motion Guest

    if you are looking for something decent and affordable i suggest the EAA windicator, it comes in .357 mag with either a 2 or a 4 inch barrel
  4. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    Home Defense or CCW?
  5. JonB

    JonB Guest

    Mostly home defense, but I would like the option of CCW. That's part of why I'm leaning toward the 3".
  6. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    go w/ 357. Practice mainly 38 then a few rounds of 357 to remind you/her of the kick. In a SD situation i doubt the recoil would be a big deal.

    try a Taurus 3" titanium (here comes primal)
    I love my 6" Taurus. Lifetime warranty too :D
  7. S&W Model 1917

    .45 acp is THE round--

  8. Ari

    Ari Guest

  9. When, OH WHEN will I rid myself of the shameful, titanium cloud that surrounds me?

    Oh hell, who am I trying to kid? LOL Z71, I didn't expect it coming from you.

    Ok, back on topic.....

    I would also recommend the Taurus, but a different model. Taurus357 has the Taurus model 86 featherlight in .38 Special and that lil' wheel gun is awesome. Yeah, with a .357 you have the option of shooting both .38 and .357 rounds, but for a CCW gun the Feather lite is a great choice with proper bullet selection, and is also great for a female with small hands. The recoil is VERY manageable, and the weapon is quite comfortable to shoot. Just my $0.02...
  10. TylerSpilker

    TylerSpilker Member

    Just make sure whatever you get (357 because you can also shoot .38 from it), make sure it doesn't break you or your wife's wrist after extensive firing.

    Those alloy S&W revolvers, so I have heard, are usually good for 5 rounds, but you tend to need a wrist brace for the rest of the day because they recoil so hard.

    Be thinking of her, since it seems like the revolver was her choice anyway.
  11. Ari

    Ari Guest

    If you can find a used Ruger speedsix they are great guns. It has worked well for my wife since 1985

  12. JonB

    JonB Guest

    I ended up spending a little more than I had planned and got a 3" Ruger SP101. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but I am very excited. I like the grips and the feel. The trigger pull is a little worse than some of the S & W's that I looked at and better than the Tauruses.

    My wife is excited, but not as excited as I am. Work is busy, so it might be a while before I can provide a range report.

    I also posted an ammo question at the the Caliber Zone.
  13. Buy some snapcaps and dry-fire the heck out of it, and that trigger will smooth right out. I promise.
  14. JonB

    JonB Guest

    According to the manual, you can dry fire the gun without any problems. If Ruger says it's okay, I'll probably just dry fire it without the snap caps.

    That's my view for this gun. I'm not saying snap caps don't have their place for other weapons.
  15. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    If you get a .357 with the short barrel get it ported. it makes a WORLD of difference and well worth the money
  16. A word of warning. When shooting a lightweight, short barreled revolvers. They pack quite a kick and a very snappy muzzle flip that cause many women to become put off by them or even just an extreme flinch. My wife has shot her snubby a total of.... one time. Although she swears she's eager to go shooting because at the time she had one hand in a splint and had to single hand it. I suggest some range time with one first before dropping the cash.
  17. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    yeah that's why I mentioned a port job. A buddy of mine had a tiny hammerless .357 with a 2 inch barrel ( I believe it was a Taurus CIA Model 650) he had ported and it shot like a dream.
  18. Port jobs do make a world of difference. My Taurus Tracker .357 Mag is amazing with it's 8 ports. It's my wifes favorite shooter as it's so easy. But it's by no means a conceal carry gun, especially for a woman.
  19. JonB

    JonB Guest

    Although I mentioned it in a post above, I bought a gun this weekend.

    A 3" Ruger SP101. I'll pass on a range report in a week or two.

    It's not ported, but it does have a heavy barrel to help tame recoil. Porting is definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks for all your feedback.