3 Month Review - C9 Compact

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    I'm new to the forum and decided to share a little about my experience with my c9.

    First off, the guy at the gun shop was a real jerk, refusing to even get it out of the display case for me or ring me up. He said he "wouldn't even touch one of those things." After getting another guy to ring me up, i was off to check it out.

    The first time out, it would misfeed about once every magazine, and i was beginning to second guess my purchase. I bought two more mags from cheaper than dirt, and cycled keeping two of the three loaded. As time passed, the misfeeding became less and less frequent, and last weekend i went through 100 round without any, but a new quirk raised it's head. i noticed that the gun rattles like something's loose inside, and every once in a while the slide won't lock back after the last round.

    The gun shoots wonderfully and is plenty accurate, and oddly enough i prefer the ghost ring rear. I'm a firm believer that although my gun is inexpensive, it is not junk, but what about the rattling and the failure to lock open? Any suggestions? Send it back to Hi-Point? Let me know what you think and thanks for reading.
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    The rattle is probably the drop safety. Also known as the counter weight and pivot pin. The slide not locking back might be the hold open spring is a little stiff. I left mine in the locked back position (engaged by the hold open, not the safety) over night and have not had a problem since.