3 month update on little baby Camo

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  1. 3 months old now. My wife is preparing to celebrate the baby's 1st "Conceiveday" :) (basically 1 year since her Conception)

    Biggest news; she is Severely-Profoundly Deaf with a hearing threshhold of 80-100 decibels according to the most recent audiologist data. Reacts more to visual and tactile stimulus. Wife's family have history of infrequent deafness (every few generations or so), this is first time there was consecutive deafness, wife an then our child. Me, I was born hearing, lost it at around 2 and half to 3 years old to Spinal Menegitis.

    She's gaining weight and size nicely.
    Sleeping longer between feeds at night,

    Starting to grab toys and things now... after grabbing my beard hair and shirts

    Doesn't seem to be colicky/crying a lot, just when hungry, when shitting hard, and when she doesn't want to sleep.

    Wife took these photos received_334100074452232.jpeg received_1645152048981211.jpeg received_219217226135025.jpeg

    received_344517470041026.jpeg received_618553685754910.jpeg received_664605294132999.jpeg
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    You dond good @CamoDeafie

    Truly sorry about the deafness. But her daddy has adapted and overcame. With your guidance, she will too.

  3. Do not be sorry, it was always a 50/50 chance, her mother is also deaf, so we are prepared as best as we can be to raise her well :) this however puts a renewed focus on finding the best deaf educational opportunities for her that we can find, as well as a deaf community that shares similar values to our beliefs and values.
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    I understand. Just hate to hear it. But i know she will be well taken care of.

    i myself have a hearing impairment. it dosent affect me much though. A 40% high frequency loss in both ears. i can hear most things, but i have a hard time differentiating sounds. One on one conversations are no problems are no problem, but when in a croud i have to read lips. I can hear the noise, just can not understand it. Tinnitus is normal to me.

    I just want all babies to have no problems.
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  5. She's absolutely beautiful!

    When I back was in kindergarten and grade school, my mother taught students who happened to be deaf. She believed treating the lack of hearing as a disability undercut the individual, and she strove to give her students every opportunity possible to enhance their learning. As a result, "her kids" did well, and my mother was sought after to tutor a number of children.

    @CamoDeafie your focus is spot on, and I wish you and your wife all the best in your endeavors to find the very best opportunities for your daughter.

    Have you established an educational fund for her?
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    You're squeezing too hard.
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    What a head of hair. She's a cutie
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  8. Nice job, beautiful child. What kind of firearm are you getting her for the celebration day? Might as well start the collection now.
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    She is absolutely precious!!!!

    I'm so happy for you guys!
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    Nah,, if he was squeezing to hard there would be that,, smelly curdled milk blob rolling down his back..:eek:

    Camo & Mrs. Camo,, beautiful little girl,, congrats again.. :thumbsup:
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    Absolutely a cutie! What a great, healthy looking baby. Enjoy your time with her while she's small.. I have a bunch of teens, and can hardly remember when they were snuggly monkeys like that
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    Just thinking @CamoDeafie . My grandson is only a couple of months behind your daughter. Who knows, in about 20 years or so we might be in-laws! (Outlaws, relations, or something!) (I know, you just threw up in your mouth a little!)
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  13. Hahahahaha only if they end up meeting at college/university :rolleyes:
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    Awwww, cute kid!
    Ever since the population has started wearing face mask regularly, I’m surprised at how much I need to see the lips of a person who is speaking to actually hear and understand them.
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