3 NC preppers arrested for bomb making

Discussion in 'Survival Zone' started by ArmyScout, Aug 4, 2015.

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    I see stupid people! :rolleyes:

    Let me guess; Andy, Barney and Floyd :rofl:
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    Apparently if you are a "prepper" you can get arrested for a strawman purchase, but not if you a buying for a bunch of gang bangers. JMHO
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    Maybe the DOJ can come intervene on their behalf... All they have to do is claim PLO ties.....
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    why wouldn't they just buy a whole bunch of tannerite? legally?
  7. It isn't the the explosives they had that would get them in trouble. It is the making of pipe bombs and hand grenades that that did and/or the transporting of the explosives.

    A pipe bomb or hand grenade that used tannerite or even match heads will get one in as much trouble as ones that used TNT, RDX, etc.
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    Been seeing this on the news for the last few days,
    I live in Charlotte,,, about 30 miles north of there,,,
    Gaston County is redneck central in N.C. :D
    This dosn't suprise me in the least.

    Apologies to any members that are from Gaston Co. But you know its true:)
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    like this?

  10. OMG they spoke openly about their opposition to Jade Helm 15 , Litteral was also planning to purchase an assault rifle along with ammunition for Barker

    so he was thought about it now that's a CRIME!:eek:

    but muslims can shoot up Ft hood and beheading in Oklahoma City that's just workplace violence?