3 NIB Hi-Points for sale

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  1. Krippp

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    i just won a 4095, .40 and .45 jcp on gunbroker and can't keep them all due to car troubles recently. the 4095 was won for 150 plus 20 shipping and transfer fee of course. the .40 and .45 jcp were both $129 each from the same seller with $29 shipping plus transfer fee.

    if anybody's interested just let me know, you can have one or all. don't want to get rid of them but the dead Acura in my driveway bodes me otherwise.
  2. too bad you don't live in illinois =/ well too bad for me, not too bad for you =P gun laws here suck

  3. intrested in the 45 and posibly the 4095 pm sent
  4. mbrevard

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    I have sent a pm
  5. JasonJ

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    do you still need FFL transfer fees for long guns.. ??? i thought since they arent registered and stuff.. and can be sold to private parties with no questions asked...
  6. That's only on FTF transfers. If you ship a gun through the mail you have to ship to and from a licensed FFL.
  7. s0b3

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    Actually you can ship to someone in the same state without a FFL. USPS won't take handguns so those have to go overnight UPS or FedEx.
  8. Yep, you're absolutely right... thanks for the correction sOB3.
  9. Mike_AZ

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  10. I know that in MS, before I left there that is, you had to ship from an FFL and TO an FFL... so you paid charges on both ends of it....Bunch o crap IMHO.
  11. mbrevard

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    I guess this guy does not really want to unload these. I sent him a pm yesterday and still have not heard back yet. Oh well.
  12. Patience, grasshopper. Some people actually have a life outside this darn forum LOL ;)
  13. mbrevard

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    HAHA Well when someone is trying to give me a couple hundred bucks I am jumping all over it. CYA
  14. Krippp

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