3 point sling. With pics and video!!!!

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  1. After the 2 gun drills with Primal this last weekend it was evedent to me that I needed some sort of sling. Doing the forearm pinch and going through my transition was not something that was working for me.

    So this is what I came up with. It is a SpecOps Mamba with a bungee section for a M16/M4. Needed to get the M16 style so you can attach it to the butt of the rifle. The M4 style is just a strap.

    Here are the Pics!

    Here is the MI Sling attachment.

    Butt attachment.

    Here is how it all came together.

    I'm really not a fan of 3 point slings. I do like how this came out though. I think it is the little profile of the 995. On a M16 or M4 I dispise these types of slings. If they are to tight you can't manipulate the safety lever because the sling covers it and if they are to loose they get in the way of loading a magazine. It sucks having to pull your sling out of the mag well on blind reloads.

    On the 995 this sling seems to work. I will give it good run the next time I head to the range.

    Also took off the scope. I can get on threats faster with the irons. Looking for a halo stlye sight. Just dont know which one to get. Can see getting a EoTech and having more into the optics than the gun itself???? you never know though...

    So what do you guys think???????
  2. I made a sling based on a design from ar15.com. Cost me about 10 bucks and works okay. To get the weight distribution right I had to move my rear attach point froward to the bolt screw closer to the receiver. For 10 bucks its hard to beat.

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    Looks, fuctional, and practical... I like it. Only concern is the operating handle. Much rubbing while firing? I bet everyone here would like to see a short video with it going from relaxed stance to the ready.
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    I like it too.

    Definitely need a video.

    And some more close up, less blurry pictures of the points where it attaches would be nice too.
  5. I wil post a video. As far as the pics being blurry??????????? They look good from where I am sitting.

    What other pictures would you like of the attachment elricfate???? I can get ya whatever you need.
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    Feh... nevermind. I'm apparently being dumb. I'm at work and quickly scoured over the pictures and thought since the ones of the whole gun were blurry so were the rest.

    I'm sorry... long day.

    EDIT: Where did you end up picking up the Sling, anyhow?
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    Looks good, but Im not a fan of 3 point slings at all...thinkin about doing a MOUT sling, if any at all, on my AR build...I know I took the stock sling off my 995 not long after I got it...
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    Your setup looks good. I use a single point on my AR's and I added a single point quick release on the Ace Butt Stock that I aded to the ATI for my 995.

    I am thinking I want a "bungee" sling, so I think that will be what i put on the 995, just in single point.
  9. Yeah i totally agree on the single point sling on the AR!!!! I am not a sling fan if you will. But for me running 2 gun drills I need a sling. I am a firm believer that the fastest mag change is a weapon change. (METT-T) for all of you army guys lol.

    But the 3 point does work very well on the 995. I went this direction due to the lack of options to connect a single point. Without "rigging" something up. Not sure how much I will like the 3 point for sure until I use it. But it feels good doesnt get in the way when I reload or while using the charging handle. Like I said as soon as I get the time I will put this sling through its paces to see if I really like it.

    I picked this sling up at the PX on base. Had to wait if I got one through the unit. I picked this up pretty cheap so it wasnt a big deal.... You can get them on ebay though.
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    'Nuther alternative is to get a 2-point IDF sling off of Zahal.org. I just took mine off my AR and put it on my 995 to test it out. Attached around the front sight assembly and the thinnest part of the buttstock with 550 cord. Works great and allows for easy transition w/o obstructing the charging handle.
  11. Got to work the 3 point sling some today. I have to say I had no problems. It is a great little addition to my 995. Now if I could only get that *******@@@$%%$#%$%$%%$%%********(&*$^%&^(&*&^*******************15rd mag to work lol....

    No problems with the reload going form the low ready to high ready is fast and fluid. Also made transition drills much better to my secondary as well. I am very very pleased. All that from a guy who doesnt like 3 point slings lol....

    Video pending as soon as i get it from the guy. Nothing to spectacular just a low ready drill mag change and walk and shoot.
  12. Here is the video of it in action
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    Is that your camera, or are you shooting subsonics or something?
  14. Just a digital cam with video.

    Nope just WWB. That thing shoot quiet lol
  15. Stryker1, you got that sling at the PX on Ft. Bliss right? If so, I need to make a trip down there when I get back from TDY and pick up a few of them... Nice pics and good shooting!
  16. Yeah i got it at the Clothing and Sales... Next time I come out to shoot I will bring you one.
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    How much did they run you? The ones I am seeing are $60+
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    Wow. Still cheaper than getting one from a website.

    You have a PM.
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    I mentioned how quiet mine was when I had my AD, my BB pistol is louder. I shot 20 rounds[not in the air] New Years eve, no one even noticed as the firecrackers were louder, but one round of 22 magnum from my NAA got everyones attention.[​IMG]..