3 questions about the C9 (sorry, the site has been down)

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    Man, what a bad time for the site to go down.....right when getting my c9 and I have questions. lol

    Ok, here we go:

    1. Is there any way of unc.ocking the c9 without dry-firing? Stupid question I'm sure, but I just didn't know.

    2. Is the top of the magazine suppose to be kind of clamped shut a little bit? I don't know how to explain it, but when I go to load a round into the clip, it seems like I can't get it in because the sides both bend inward and I can't hardly get the round in. (if nobody understands I'll try to post a picture later)

    3. Does the UpLula magazine loader work well with the c9? It seems to take me around 15-20 mins. to load a magazine which SUCKS! I'm sure with time I'll get faster, but the problem in question 2 seems to really slow me down!!!!

    Thanks a lot guys and I'm sooooo glad to see this place back up!!!!!! Now I can spend all my free time on here reading again. lol (a lot better than the racist website I've been reading... and the other "hipoint site" I found :roll:)
  2. 1) if there is i haven't found out. if you worry about dry firing damage your c9, buy some snap cap. they are nice just to have last forever, and only about 15 buck on ebay.

    2) yes the mag is shut inward on top. you suppose load with your grip hand thumb pushing down the first round(or the round already in) and feed from the front of the mag lip.

    3)never use UpLula so maybe some one else here can help you up.

    hope this help.

  3. The other hipoint site is new, forums take time and money to grow, and he's also a member of this forum.

    And whats this other website called your talking about?

    Your gonna love the C9 I've got about 10k rounds through mine with very little problems except for the hollow point issue.
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    thanks guys for the speedy replies. Ok, its good to see that it is normal for the clip to be clamped a little bit, but man it makes it hard for a novice to load.

    It was kind of nice to have another forum to go to while this one was down, but now that this one is back, I'm sure I won't be back there unless something else happens. lol

    The "racist" site I was referring to was dirtydozensbunker.com All it is is a bunch of people using the "N" word all the time, talking crap about Obama/Hillary, and people just being down right NASTY about everything. I could swear it was run by a bunch of KKK members or something.

    Oh well, glad for my home to be back.
  5. what other forum? i googled "hi point forums", and all i saw was this one... :?
  6. uh wow, i know most gun folks are pro republican but not to the point racisms(at least they keep it to they self). but honest, i float through lots gun forum(glocktalk, xdtalk, calgun, gun&games, hk...etc). this forum is hands down the friendliest forum out there.
  7. Thats truly sad, racism has no part in modern society. And heres some advice when shooting your C9 watch that mag release lol if you got big hands you'll hit that little button once in awhile. Also polish that feed ramp it will make your gun perform a lot better. I believe theres a sticky about how to do it if not one of the other guys I'm sure will find it for ya. 8)
  8. It sounds to me like you are trying to force the bullets straight down into the magazine, is this correct?
    Here's a short Video of how to load the magazine. You should be able to load the 8 rnd Mags in about 20 seconds or so.
    I hope this works, it's my first try at posting a Video.
    Let us know if this helps.
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    good video....maybe it is just my inexperience combined with the fact I think the mag may be newer and the spring is still stiff.....I don't know but i SUCK at loading right now.

    I timed myself a minute ago and it took me 4 mins. to load. Do that with 100 rounds and you are talking forever!!!
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    uh oh, I just got the debug error!!!!!!
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    ok, I just checked loading the other clip I have for the c9 and it loads smooth as butter so the top is just bent in too far on the second clip.....I'll try to get pictures of it so I can show what I mean.
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    thanks mike, I guess I missed that post because I spelled it wrong when I searched. lol

    I think I'll pick one up later on.