3 Seconds of practice shows Major Problem

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  1. FYI......

    Took wife to doc today and decided to use ankle holster and my P-11, with the pinkie extension on the mag. I had to readjust the velcro thumb break, etc. to fit the gun as I was testing the holster on the EMP a few days earlier. No issues........ off we go. I don't carry my P-11 / ankle much anymore but was pleased how comfortable it, and I felt.

    I get home. Ready to do some work I decided to practice drawing from the ankle since I don't often. First draw........... oh crap. Seems the lower hem on my jeans has started to fray. When I raised the pant leg, it caught on the pinkie extension like a big fishing hook. I thought the pant was just tight so I kept moving it around trying to free it. Many seconds later, I realized it was hooked! That would've been real bad had I needed it fast.

    Note to self: When carrying P-11 ankle - use magazine with flat bottom. Second note to self - when preparing to leave house - always practice a draw or two in order to catch any problems before they happen. May not catch them all...... but this one I would've caught.

    End of confession.
  2. You may want to check if you can reach your ankle holster while sitting in your car or truck.

    Practice, practice, practice.