3 stitches for my 3 year old today

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  1. This PM, my 3 year old and my 8 year old were racing through the house and my 3 yo took a header into the kitchen table. He started crying and my 8 yo starts yelling, "He's Bleeding!"

    I run out to the kitchen, and sure enough, his forehead is bleeding. I grab some paper towels and try to get the bleeding stopped. He's still crying, but now he's peeing his pants (almost potty trained). The 8 yo and I are changing his pants, Spiderman underwear and his socks while applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

    Once the bleeding is stopped, it's pretty obvious he's going to need some stitches. We go to the emergency room and he is a better patient than most adults would be. He laid still, through the whole ordeal. They didn't even need the nurse and technician holding his arms, legs and head. He's not even crying.

    I'm sure it won't be out last ER trip, but I hope they're all this easy. :D
  2. Sounds like you have a lil trooper there Benny, hope he heals up quick!

  3. :D

    He's back to normal already, except for the band-aid.
  4. Benny:

    They may or may not be -- kids will be kids -- but, God willing, they'll get through with, uh, minimal damage to skin (likely) and parents' equilibrium (less likely).

    (I didn't, and my parents more or less did.)

    Good luck!
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    Yep, I still running smack into the corner of the table at that height/age...first time I saw stars during the daytime...
  6. Hey we're all pulling for him. My bet is, you hurt more inside than he hurt on the outside. You BOTH take care.
  7. Kids! They make the best and the happiest and the scariest moments of your life! Love 'em. Hope he gets better soon!
  8. He should be fine. He does not want to see his stitches, though.

    I just get paranoid in the ER, wondering if they're calling children's services or not. :shock:
  9. Glad to hear he is ok, I think that is a rite of passage for little boys.

    The little critters never stop scaring the heck out of you, wait until they get to driving age :shock:
  10. True that. Just had the first one start driving last month. Loopster hit it dead on. Can't think of a better thrill ride tho. Good luck.
  11. My wife and I are planning to start a family sometime next year.... I think every man that doesn't have kids has concerns about how they are going to perform as a father. I know I need work on my patience levels, and kids to that QUICK. I think you'll do fine rock, and I hope I do the same.....
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    I'm glad to hear hes ok man. And for those of you who think this kinda crap ends when they aren't knee level you are wrong. My mothers vodka cabinet is above our sink, perfect height to hit my head but no one elses. I have hit that damn thing like 5 times since we got the new cabinets, at least the cabinet is right next to the pain killers (mmmmm vodka)
  13. Nice to know I'm not the only family stitched together. My oldest fell off a couch on Easter and hit the back of her head on the window sill. One staple to close the wound. My third child within the course of two weeks got bit by a dog on the chin and then took a shot to the middle of her forehead from a drawer. They super glued both of her injuries. Nevermind, I guess the misses and I are the only ones stitched together (I went through a windshield at the age of 16 and she had a scissor mishap in college.)
  14. Children are tought little critters but it really sux being in the ER having to watch em get stiched up, think it hurts us parents more than it does the little one's. My wife cried when we had to hold our, then 1yr old, daughter down to get 3 stitches in her lip after falling with a drink can.

    Benny, with two boys your gonna be in for a fun ride bro! Take care and best wishes to your youngest.

  15. Thanks guys.

    I would guess for those of you who are worried about being a good Dad, just the fact you are worried about it, says you'll be just fine.
  16. Little boys need to get hurt when they're young cause when we get older we don't bounce as well, we crack. So he need's to get his kicks while he can. My mom swears she lost track of my ER trips, and she's a nurse so anything that wasn't life threatening wasn't going to be taken to the hospital. Sounds like your little one is quite a trooper indeed to handle all that so well.
  17. ICK! hope he's feelin better.

    I had a similar incident when I was about his age. I fell and hit my head on a curb. Still have a scar in my forehead from it.
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    Tough little guy. Glad he's alright. :)
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    I was on active duty overseas, when a dad brought his daughter in for her first stitches, she was sliding down a hill and couldn't turn her sled fast enough, when she ran into an exhaust pipe with her cheek almost through and through, 189 stitches, both internal and external, and several hours later, she gets up and gives me a hug, and says thank you Mr. Doc, I really have to give her credit. There was only so much anesthetic you can use on a 3 1/2 year old before it can get toxic.
    She did do well, about 10 months later, the scar was barely visible.