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I really need to goto the range and just take one. Anyways I put rounds down range with all 3.
Anyways I took my .40 cal, Marlin M60, and my Marlin 336cs. My nephew brought along the bolt action 22 as well.
So first off I ran about 60 rounds thru the 40 cal JCP and i can say she is definatly broken in now. The mags are taking the rounds easier and I have absolutly no failures what so ever. I evan spit a hug rock with 3 rounds..it was a huge honkin rock to...my nephew said I couldnt do it so I capped it twice and she cracked..the third round split it in two...go .40 S&W.
The second round was with my Marlin M60 22lr. This was my first .22lr ever and I have had her for about 22 years along with the 30-30. I got her all cleaned up and put around 70 rounds thru her with a about 3 jams and 3 failure to fires. When i first pulled her out about a month ago she wouldnt evan fire...so she is definalty progressing. Iam gonna give her another good cleaning and round up some good quality cleaning gear and lube. She shot nice tight groups at 25 and 50 yards. With open sights...maybe Ill put a scope on her..a red dot or a cheapy and get here sighted in at 100 yards and go squirrel hunting..the best fun I have ever had was chasin squirrels.
Third round was a short but very impressive round. This was with my first deer rifle. A marlin 336cs in 30-30. I just remounted the Bushnel 3-9x scope and started to work on getting it sighted in. I need to do some more work at a 100 yards but i will say out of the 8 rounds I put threw her 3 where in a 1/2inch group..and two more where actually touching...I let 3 fly wild so they where way off. I have the open sights sighted in at 50-75 yards so the scope is gonna get zeroed for about 100-150 yards. Iam not sure if she will sling a 180 grain that far but Iam gonna give her a try.
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