3 year review of Hi Point C9

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    The purpose of this review is for somebody considering buying the Hi Point C9. This is an honest review of the gun. I owned this gun for 3 years and have a lot of experience tinkering with it and lots of range time. To make it simple I've made a pros and cons list. I have been an active Hi Point forum member for over 2 years, I really wanted to like this gun. Unfortunately I don't.

    - Cheap
    - Lifetime Warranty is legit
    - Accurate
    - Magazines are cheap (15 bucks)
    - Hi Point Forum is very helpful

    CONS -
    - Not Reliable - I have tinkered with this gun for 3 years and rarely did it run reliably. The main problem is failures to feed, the rounds nose dive when feeding. This is a result of the magazines, they are terrible. Adjusting feed lips does not prevent nose dives. I get a failure to feed every 25 rounds. That's much better than I used to get, 1 in 5 or 6 rounds. See Video - [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypk2DAITOtE[/ame]
    I have modified magazines, grinded off the LRHO tab, and talked with Hi Point customer service numerous times. One criticism I will get is I did not send in the pistol for service. The problem I have with that is I'm not going to spend 50 dollars (overnight only on handguns) to send in a $150 pistol. Would someone spend close to $200 to send in a glock??? The old saying comes to mind, "Don't throw good money after bad". For the record I have never limp wristed.....guaranteed.
    - Mag capacity is only 8 rounds, this is bad for a gun that is not carry friendly at all
    - Very Heavy and bulky for a compact gun
    - Only comes with one magazine
    - Sights are bad in low light conditions
    - Heavy Trigger
    - Very ammo picky, Hi Point customer service recommends Federal and Remington round nose as two of the few that are allowed. (No hollow points, steel cased, or Winchester ammo)
    - Very uncomfortable grip, hurts my pinky finger to shoot.
    - Feels like a brick in your hand, shoots like you have a brick in your hand, not comfortable to shoot.
    - And finally, spend only an extra $100 dollars and get either a real carry gun (Kel Tec PF9) or a higher capacity reliable home defense gun in a Smith and Wesson SD9wVE (only $120 more when considering you get two high capacity mags, you would have to purchase 3 more Hi Point mags to equal same capacity)

    I traded in my C9. It's possible I got a Lemon, but to me it's not worth 50 bucks to send it in to customer service when there are so many cons to this gun and it's only worth $150 to begin with. From everything I've read on the forum the C9 seems to be the most unreliable of all of the Hi Point guns. While the .40 and .45 Carbines and .45 pistol seem to be much more reliable.
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    I've had mine a year... 2 FTLs .... Other than that, probably almost 400 flawless rounds...

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    To be fair, you may have had a lemon.
    And honestly, half your cons are things that you could have known prior to buying like the fact it only holds 8 rounds ( or 10 ;)) and that it's not an easily concealed gun.

    Also, last time you mentioned problems with your gun was 11/16/13.
    Somebody here may have been able to help you out.
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  4. Did you polish the Feed ramp? Seriously. There are all kinds of ways people send there gun back for less than $50 my shipping was $7 ;-)

    I have shot almost all Winchester hollow points threw my .380 worth never a problem.
    Not really a fair review.
    How many rounds have you put threw it? The fact that you're problem has decreased that much while you did practically nothing to fix it. Suggest the ramp smoothing out with use
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    Let's not get carried away dishing this guy. That seems to be an instinctual reaction for most here if someone decides the MOTHER GUN aint for them.

    Nothing on his hit list is new or unique. It's a 150 dollar pistol. period. It will never be any better than that until it costs a lot more. It has never been as good as a Glock, 1911, or any other quality handgun, and it never will be with this design. It's a cool little gun that with some tweaking can be useful for many peoples needs. But they are not quality handguns and never have been. And since they have never pretended to be any more than what they are...nothing to see here.
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    I have to agree with Duster, I love my 4595 and it has been super reliable and accurate, but for pistols I'll stick with what I have. One caveat is if I ever see the Hi Point 45 pistol in a pawn shop for a hundred bucks I will buy it just to play with, but for defense the M&P or the Ruger are what I will use. My 4595 is the backup for home defense currently.
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    NE Utah
    Everything there makes sense, except the overnight shipping thing.

    Someone sold you a line, brother.;)

    I have 10 HP handguns, and have no feed issues. So, while your gun may have earned the cons, I'm not convinced all HP guns should be categorized that way.

    However, that sort of problem is relatively common, so that is an issue that needs to be considered.

    Overall, you did pretty well in doing a decent review.
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    In the video you state 3 jams in 150 rounds, that's 1:50 not 1:25

    In any case:


    At least from the info you provided I think you left some options on the table but on the other hand it's not everybody's cup of tea.
    I do understand your frustration.
    I've been lucky as I bought a .45 JCP used and didn't know of any issues till I joined here.
    You still have the .45 right? Enjoying that one?
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  9. bc2245 good 3 year review of Hi Point C9

    I have shot the c-9 and must agree, That said for 150.00 gun, it can be tweeked and help most of its problems , Exept the weight , as far as the shipping ????.
    And there are some out there 150.00 is a 3year gun budget. and may save there life some day.:)
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    Actually I think you are incorrect on ammo recommendations.

    From what I read "What the factory recommends

    As a rule in standard testing at the factory, MKS/Hi-Point uses steel cased Wolf ammunition, one of the best deals on the market for function firing."

    Here is a link to an article, on this very site, with a video and all.


    Now that being said, guns have their own personality and some do tend to like certain types of ammo. I just wanted to point out what you stated were the factory recommendations was not what I have seen.
  11. bluebone

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    in 3 years you've put 150 rounds thru it?!?! you should have had that thing fully broke in in 3 years if you were going to do a long term review of a gun. many folks would have put 150 rounds thru it on the first day!! By then they would have been well on the way of doing on honest review of the gun. there are several things wrong with posting this so-called review on this site:
    #1 when you but this gun you should already be well aware of the mag capacity. it's not a hidden flaw
    #2 the fact that you havent even gotten this gun broken in yet as is customary according to many long-standing and well established members of this community so announcing that you've had 3 failures in 150 rounds is not exactly trailblazing material. This old wealth of already established knowledge is why this forum continues to flourish. Those veterans know you cannot judge these guns based on the 1st 150 rounds. this review is incomplete and needs at least 1000 rounds to really get a feel for what this gun will do.
    #3 MY C9 has had more failures than yours in about as many rounds yet i'm not ready to call it a lemon because i know it hasnt properly gone thru it's full breakin period yet so i'm holding out on my opinion of it until it's gone thru it. Several guns of mine have had the occasional issue and i'm not so arrogant as to believe that some of those issues may arent of my own doing. one gun was giving me all sorts of fits until i altered my grip, now it shoots flawlessly.
    my analysis, maybe you need more experience and a better understanding of this
  12. BC2245

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    It's not my video
  13. BC2245

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    You guys are right, many of the things I should have known prior to purchasing.

    That video is not mine, I have 500-600 rounds through my gun, I had 100 malfunctions out of the first 150 rounds (not kidding at all). Then a call to MOM, they sent me a new firing pin assembly. It did help but still have a malfunction every 25 rounds.

    Yes I did polish the feed ramp with 600 grit sand paper, very slowly. I got off all the black paint and marks.
  14. Hipointer

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    I must have got a good one then. I have had mine for about 1.5 years now, probably have around 500 rounds through it, and have had maybe five or six FTF. I have had no FTE though. I have ran, of the 500 rounds, about 100 JHP rounds through the gun...these are what had the FTF issues, but not any ball rounds.

    Anyways, I have been satisfied with mine, and use it for casual plinking and a backup home defense gun. I paid 149.99 for mine, and bought a second magazine for it, and do not feel a bit "ripped off".
  15. SWAGA

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    Look I hate to be doing this, but not everything you did may have been done in the correct way.
    The HiPoint design being what it is, if you have a doublefeed you have a chance of bending your firing pin as it's got no way to go but ram into the back of a shell.

    This bent firing pin will now cause it's own problems.
    So trying to break in the gun by continuing with a bent pin will not make the gun function better.
    I'm not saying this is what you've done but if the angle of the feedramp is altered because of an attempt to polish it you've now created a permanent problem.

    Sending it in at that stage would have gotten you a new barrel and feedramp.

    I'm by no means a C9 expert but from what I've gathered on the board it could have been any or a combination of the following:

    • Magazine lips out of spec
    • Magazine spring reversed during assembly
    • Last Round Hold Open tab pushing the first round down as the mag is loaded
    • Bent firing pin
    • Feed ramp issues

    With all due respect but randomly attempting to 'fix' things without knowing what is causing the problem will just have you chasing your tail.
  16. I guess some pistols are not equal. My new C9 ran through 5-6 mags no issues this past weekend.

    Maybe yours won't do that I would return it and have them repair it or just sell it to me.
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    I've had my c9 for almost 3 weeks now and I've run just over 500 rounds through it. It's like any other pistol I've ever had, there are some ammo it likes and other it doesn't, but the stuff that it has probably has problems with us usually more sensitive to the weapon being dirty than anything else. I think I've had maybe 5 ftf's, so I'm pretty freakin happy.

    The article was a good read and the op's thoughts certainly don't invalidate the experience I've had with a 3 week old 9mm and a one week old .45.
  18. My C9 has 500 rounds fired with no failures for me (wife had one fte). No adjustments, carry everyday in a custom holster (OWB), Cleaned once after shooting tula steel case, out shot my S&W 9mm out of the box. You CAN ship to mom in a usps fits/ships box if you follow postal regs and partially disassemble the gun. Just remove the slide and mark the box on all sides as Machine parts handle with care. Postal requirements state the firearm may not be readily used. Ever try to rapidly assemble a Hi point with out tools? If the gun can be repaired they will ship back the same way. If it has to be replaced, requiring a serial number change, they send to your preferred FFL. Everything made by man is bound to fail...... that's why we have the warranty.
  19. HiPointArmorer

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    The easy solution would be to mail you mags in for free replacements...why would you mail the gun in if the magazines are the problem?
  20. BC2245

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    They won't send me any magazines. I talked to Billy Joe Bob(this is my name for him) twice about it at Hi Point. He was very unfriendly, unprofessional, and unhelpful both times. And who's to say it is really a magazine problem???