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    So I sold my 870 and my 30.06 last year to make a down payment on the AR180.....
    Pretty much from day one regretted selling the 30.06
    1963 Santa Fe 30.06 nothing special really.
    But I'd like it back so I called the buyer today and asked him.
    He's given it to his teenage daughter in the mean time but she hasn't shot it yet.
    He's going to take her shooting this weekend and if she doesn't like it.........
    That was a mean kicking gun, it kicked harder then the 870 with slugs.
    So fingers crossed I get it back.
    I'll refinish the stock as my first project.
  2. lklawson

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    You never know. Sometimes they do come home. :)

    Something has been whispering in my subconscious lately that I need to find a 30-30 lever.

    Peace favor your sword,

  3. boy do i wish i could get my Howa lightening .308 back. Shot my first 5 deer with it. first gun i bought with my own money. toyed with the idea of buying another one, but it wouldn't be the same.

    *Sigh* the things you sell for school books :-(
  4. I had my HiPoint 40 carbine stolen. Later the ATF talked to my reloading store manager where I bought it and she told me it had been recovered. I waited and waited to no avail thinking they were using it in a court case. After two years I started calling around starting with the BATFE in Houston (very nice agent) who check for me and found that it had been sitting in the Harris Co Evidence Locker all that time. No case. No call. No nothing. I am not going into why because I will just get angry again. Anyway, I got it back after two years so good luck on your .30-06.
  5. I vacillate between a .30-30 and a .357 magnum lever action. I have held to the notion of having a pistol and carbine set for everything you can. In each caliber I have both of .22LR, .22MAG, 9mm, and .40 cals. I need a .45 next but would rather go with the .357/38. I can find a lot of Rossi's but I would rather put some money to find a legacy gun for my kids and grandkids to keep. Uberti has a good one but top ejection prohibits a scope. Henry is American made but is a tube load. I want one I can keep in battery while loading. This leaves the Marlin. Now, finding one at the right price...?
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    It's because they were going to auction it off, if it was not claimed. :mad:
  7. Dane

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    Check your Pawn shops. I saw a Rossi at one for under $300. I know it isn't on your list, but seemed like a good price.
  8. SWAGA

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    I want my dirty O 6 dirty O 6 dirty O 6


    Planning on refurbishing the stock.....in Russian Red....;)
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    As far as rifles go besides my old marlin m60 .22, the marlin 30-30 is my absolute go to hunting rifle. It's got power, enough range, and not uncomfortable at all to shoot...not to mention its reliable and fast as a really good pump gun...theres good reason its been around longer and more popular than any other hunting round out there.
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    The Mosin Nagant is called the poor man's .30-06. You can get one that is already pretty close to Russian Red, and you'll have something close enough to .30-06. It's a win-win!
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    I know, I've had a Mosin Sporter and sold that one at the same time as the 30.06.....only gun I made a profit on lol