30-06 Springfield and Garand

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  1. FlashBang

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    Load data for my 30-06 Springfield and Garand load using IMR 4895 and the Hornady 168gr. A-MAX.

    This load gives good performance and grouping in my 1903A4 and my M1 Garand.

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  2. Hey Flashbang

    Just load to M2 ball specs. However, looks like you found a good load

  3. Quavodus

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    Yeah, you've got a good load there. I usually load 47.0 gr. IMR 4895 with a 150 gr. fmj or soft point.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That's right on my recipe as well, though I use 46.5 of H4895 and a 150 grain bullet of whatever I get cheap.