$30 9mm Carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by thatglockguy, Feb 20, 2017.

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    FYI, I have a couple spare classic stocks laying around, just an FYI for anyone looking for one. Thatglockguy will soon be a convert, I'm sure of that. Had to post just to see his reaction with what he gets back from MOM. :)

  2. I like my "chromie" a lot, but would most likely let it go for $299 !

  3. I received my carbine back yesterday afternoon 3/16 (19 day turnaround from shipped date!) It looks brand new. it's obvious that most of the parts were replaced, not fixed. There were several missing parts and the part list included upon returns illustrates the tech's opinion on future modifications...

    I also received a factory magazine, sling mounts, and a sling.

    Mom was everything you guys told me to expect and then some. I'm a believer.

    I'll shoot it next week if I can't get out sooner than that with my work schedule. I plan on keeping it and adding it to my collection. I don't plan on spending any more money on it.

    My $48.05 carbine's updated photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/5RYTH

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    Are red dot can be bought for $25 or less delivered.

    Just wondering..........floorburn21? You a flooring guy?
  5. I actually have a cheaper Barksa and a sling I could throw on it already. I'm just saying I probably won't purchase anything specific for it.

    floorburn came from back when I played basketball/football in high school and college. I always managed to end up on the court/turf which resulted in a lot of quickly removed skin by the floor. Kinda stuck for a while.
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    My experience with Mom is the exact same. They are all in all a stand up company.

    I think the only original parts are my bolt barrel and dust cover
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    Did you figure out what that was in the stock??
  8. No idea. I threw it away.
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    Could have been gold coins for barter after SHTF!:)

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    I'm glad you are a convert now. I get tired of defending Hipoints warranty to people who just love to bash them.
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    Kind of funny how the people that bash Hi Points, have never owned a Hi Point....Silly Gun Snobs!!
  12. So I've decided not to keep this carbine. Another firearm is available to me that I want and I'll have to sell this to offset the cost. What do you guys think would be a reasonable price for it? I'm going to try to sell FTF here in MN before messing with FFL's I think.
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    Well, I've seen them listed anywhere from $100 to $250, used.

    You're just shy of $50 in it, so triple it and let them talk you down to around a buck and a quarter. They think they're winning, you know you're winning, everybody is happy.
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    Should make for a quick sale...
  15. I'd start at $200

    and probably take anything around $150 or so

    this story is just about as good as the Hi-Point that was in the house fire :D
  16. I'd list it at $200 and take anything $150+
    You can get a new one OTD for $260-280.
  17. Thanks for the info/advice guys. I ended up with an AR chambered in 9mm for a few hundred bucks and I have a ton of extras for it already, including several 33rd glock mags. It made having the hipoint redundant, and the sale will offset most of what I spent on the AR.

    That being said, you guys kick ass and are one of the most helpful gun forums I have came across. I will definitely stick around and I'm not opposed to having another carbine in the future if funds allow it.
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    This thread should be like the shinning example of Hi Point lifetime warranty and puts other companies (cough Remington) to shame.
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    I think model also fits perfect in ATI stock.