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    Ok I'm stoked. The two old war horses work almost as advertised. And we finally got my 357 bear load through a chronograph, and it's bad ass.

    The 1899 Winny 94 is fully functional and deer ready right off the work bench. Here's a group at 35 yards. No never mind. I've learned my lesson trying to post pics from this phone after I've started text. Pic in following post.

    Ok so pretend you've seen the pics. That's without touching anything, and LOOK AT THAT REAR SIGHT! That's how bad the gun was everywhere! I put some Hornady reduced recoil through it first. It didn't blow up, so I put my favorite Federal 170 grain load through it. It loved them to. The old girl is fully functional and I feel in love it. Might sleep with... oh never mind.

    The Garand went bang first time every time. What a weapon. I don't think I've ever shot that much 30-06 at that close range. The Garand ruined our fun by blowing the targets apart and up and over the berm. Lol It works and it works good everybody loved my guns best. That's up against a Ruger AR and some neato AK in 5.56. There is something about old war horses people love. You can feel history.

    Then Rat Rod brought his chrono. Wish I had remembered he had it cause I'd have taken my Marlin 94 and put my best loads across it's ballistic sensors. But as luck would have it my carry load is that bear load. I figure you can't do much more damage than blowing a hole all the way through the SOB crunching what ever bones get in the way. Here is the seven shoot spread out of my 4" Taurus 627: 1408, 1408, 1406, 1409, 1401, 1409, 1405. Now how about that chit right there!? That's slinging a 180gr LRNFP and they are brutally accurate in all 4 guns. I was a bit surprised as with that bullet I would have been content with 1200 fps. That should put the carbine loads near enough to 1800 fps, they are a little hotter, and that will do the dirty deed on ol Mr. Black Bear. Recall these things went 21 inches into wet newspaper at 100 yards. They'll work and my loading technique appears to be sound.
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    Good stuff Duster.....;)

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    OK, Pix now Mister :D

    Did you chrony the 357 in the rifle??? That would really be great...
    4" to a long barrel (what, 20"?) might be a tad more than +200FPS!
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    I forgot Rat Rod has the chrono. I'd have learned nothing if not for my carry piece. The rifle loads are .2 gr heavier and they do the 21" of newspaper at 100 yards. I'm pretty confident they'll get it done.

    I think I got the pics loaded. That group is how the rifle came off the bench. I eye balled the sights, guess I got them close. And look at the rear sight, look at the elevator. Yup it's not intact, that's all that was left. It has one of those slick tang mounted peep sights. I'll take that rusted out buckhorn off and sight it in with the peep. This baby deserves another go at 4 legged killing. I think I'll use it for deer this year.

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    A funny from the day, and a Garand lesson.

    I'm anal about my brass. One of the reasons I like revolvers is because I don't lose brass. So twice today I'm hunting up 06 brass, and what do I also find? Yup the clips. Gotta remember the damned clips. Oh ya and also, I'd bet they made one strippers load clips at the end of each day. What a pain in the ass. But I did figure out a fairly quick way.
  6. Sounds like a great day.
    Do you have a 357 carbine to match the revolver?
    I want to get a 357 carbine/pistol combo for deer hunting in the mountains where even my marlin 30-30 feels like 12lbs.
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    Love shooting the Garand. People who have never shot one are always surprised when the clip ejects out after the last round. I lay my clips on their side to reload them.

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    A word for you "clip seekers":


    Assuming they are like spring steel, of course :D
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    PS: I think it is a great idea to give your strippers a day job,
    and loading clips is a great idea! Keeps them out of trouble
    when they are not entertaining the troops :D :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    Yes I do have a Marlin 94 18" carbine. The Winchesters are the iconic gun, but imo the Marlin is the better gun for several big reasons.
  11. Will you expand on the big reasons?
    Mine has a minor loading issue I haven't figured out.
    The bullet always gets stuck in the front of the chamber. Unless you load real slow and gentle
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    The Marlin is side eject. Some consider this a big advantage due to scope mounting ease. I don't because I don't see the need for a scope on a 150 yards gun. The Marlin action is much much simpler, and so is break down for cleaning. Big advantage. And my new Marlin 94 was smoother right out of the box than both these well broke in Winchesters. After I slicked it up it got even better. So side eject, simpler design, easier maintenance, smoother action, and similar reliability at less cost. Advantage Marlin.

    Lever guns are no different that any other repeater/auto loader. They can be ammo picky. You didn't say which gun you have, but my Marlin doesn't like SWC. There was no such thing when the action was designed. When I slicked it up I didn't miss the chamber approach. That help a lot, but it will still hang up with SWC. It's not a big issue cause I don't use them for hunting loads. I do use them for plinking though. If one hangs up a little and quick jiggle of the lever gets the round headed into the chamber. As for my Winchesters they are both 30-30. I've never had any loading problems with those.
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    The Garand clips are magnetic, but unless you are shooting in high weeds they are large enough to be easy to find. Biggest problem I ever had was with not paying attention and stepping on one. Twisted my ankle and bent the clip. :)
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    Did the clip recover?
  15. FlashBang

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    It was touch and go but it pulled through. :D
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    Yea they spring back pretty quickly. :)
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    And, the clips can be used as impromptu handcuffs!

    A bit bloody sometimes but, in a SHTF scenario...?

  18. planosteve

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    Man that would hurt.