30 Carbine suggestions

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  1. Well, I've been thinking about an AR, but they just don't "speak" to me. Know what I mean?

    I want something in an intermediate caliber, and I already have several AK type rifles in various configurations.

    I have settled on the M1 carbine. It packs a good punch, especially with soft points. It is accurate, reliable, mags are readily available as is ammo and, most importantly, I really like the way it looks and handles.

    So, does anybody have any suggestions? Are the Springfields the way to go, or should I see if my FFL can get me an original? How about mags? Stick to GI or try some after market?

    Oh, yeah...this gun would be mostly for plinking, but it would also serve for HD or SHTF should the need arise.

    Finally, please do not tell me to re-think my choice in favor of an AR. I've made my choice.

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  3. You could get an original surplus M1 Carbine or Garand from the Civilian Marksmanship Program.


    Read the website to find the requirements for ordering.
  4. Auto-Ordnance...that's what I meant, not Springfield.

    Are they any good? Do GI parts fit?
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    If you want one from CMP you better get on your horse as they start taking orders on the 7th of Jan. And it is going to be a mad house
  6. I have look at quiet a few Auto Ordnance M1 Carbines and so far they look to be really nice GI replica's, but a tad bit spensive. All the online range reports I have seen have been positive though, so they may be worth the money.

    Avoid the Universal and Iver Johnson's if at all possible. They accept GI mags but thats about it and by now most are probably pretty wore out and spare parts are far and few between.
  7. Plainfields aren't bad if you can find one...a buddy has one and its been flawless....
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    The Big R makes a Blackhawk in 30 carbine. They shoot nice with low recoil. Kind of a 30 magnum if you nurse it a bit.

    Cost is 350-400.

    Nice shooting 30 carbine and different.
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    you can always get a CZ52 it has almost the same numbers that the M1 carbine does. :wink:
  10. Another nice thing about .30 Carbine is you can get the long gun and then with some luck find a Ruger Blackhawk chambered for the same round. That makes a sweet combo and the .30 Carbine from the Blackhawk will put a .357Mag to shame from the same platform with similar bullet weights.

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    I forgot who bought AMT but the AMTs autos that shoot the 30 carbine out of a pistol are still being made too
  12. The M1-Grand Greatest battle implement ever devised.................anyone knoe who said that i got a prize for the winner...............
  13. Angel has a Plainfield and likes it a lot. I had to replace the extractor and spring when we first got it . It shoots good and is accurate . For someone that is small and can't take much weight or recoil it is ideal . It functions with both the USGI 15 and 30 rd mags . USGI parts are interchangable with it . I would stay away from the Universal brand carbine, some of the USGI parts won't fit.
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    Here is a picture of my baby. It's an Inland receiver, manufacture date of 1944 and functions perfectly. I paid $550 otd and am happy with that pricing, considering the gun I got. If you shop around like I did, you can still find a good price on the original M-1 carbines.

    I recommend going original, but that's only my opinion.

  16. If you have a Dunhams nearby, they are carrying originals. When they are on sale, they are $599. I have heard from other boards that most are Inlands, which is what the CMP is selling now. If you want a Rockola, IBM, Winchester, you will have to wait for the CMP to release them or find one on the net. I would personally want an original milsurp item vs the Auto-Ordnance, Plainfields, Universal, etc... of modern days.
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    Mine is an Inland receiver with an Inland barrel marked 1-44. This thing still shoots circles around a lot of my other guns. A tack driver it's not, but it will keep 15 rounds in the 9 and 10 rings on a b-27 silhouette at 100 yards. Not bad for a rifle made 63 years ago. Search around for a milsurp. Most have been battle proven and arsenal refurbished to mil-spec standards. With these weapons, if it's a semi-auto and it rattles a little, it will work when you need it too. :D I've been extremely happy with mine. It used to ride in the back of my truck as my BHG until the prices on them went through the roof.

    Hard to believe that a gun that used to cost $100 to $150 top price at a gun show are now selling for upwards of $450 to $550 dollars. These are the ones looking like they were dredged out of a rice paddie in SE Asia somewhere. At least that's the asking cost at the last gun show I went to in Great Falls.

    If you can pick up a new Auto-Ordnance carbine, the military parts will interchange with them. They got the blueprints from the Army and completely retooled to lines to make these great guns. At least that is what I've heard about them from the local gun shops. :D
  18. The M1-Grand Greatest battle implement ever devised...

    General Patton said that.
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    M1 Garands used to be every where for $20-$50 in the 50-60s