30 round drum for 995

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by joebob88, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. joebob88

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    The man I work for was looking up a gun for one of our customers and he told me that there is a 30 round drum for the 995. List price was around $70.00. I was in a hurry and didn't write the mfg. name. Dose anyone have any info. I will get the mfg's name in the morning.
  2. Ridge

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    Nobody makes one for the 995...one guy on here was fabricating one, but the weld broke after a few shots...

  3. There was one advertised for sale on Leapers or Midway or Bowens or somebody had one. But the stock was zero.
  4. I think promag was the manufacture. Somebody from the board called them and they said they didn't make any such product.
  5. joebob88

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    It was pro mag

    In my book that we order from it even has a part #. The next time we order We are going to ask about it. A 30 round drum would be awesome.
  6. Silicon Wolverine

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    if its anything like the drums they make for 10/22s and 1911s its total crap. I worked on one for a guy and never did make it feed more than 3 or 4 rounds without a jam. Poor springs and poor workmanship overall.

  7. joebob88

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    From what I can read pro mag needs a engineer to figure out how to make their mags work.
  8. Silicon Wolverine

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    Ive fiddled with lots of promags over the years and the only one that ever fed or worked properly is the one for my beretta 21A. Thier ideal is quantity over quality.

  9. Ari

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    I have a few promags for my star 45 and they work great
  10. screwylewie

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    I have promags for my bersa , taurus, star, 10/22, AND 3 15 rounders for my 995 and they all have worked great out of the box, needing NO adjustment. Obviously many others have not been as fortunate as me with promag.
  11. joebob88

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    screwylewie- Are you saying that there no modifications to the 15 rd. clip.
  12. for a very few people the 15 rd mags have worked well, for the rest of us they were a waste of money.
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    joebob88, yes my 3 promag 15 rounders work great in my 995, and needed no modification. I am wanting to order more but everyone is out of stock. My 995 is an older one (bought used) and the 3 promags 15rd are new, I bought them from grafs. I guess promags used to have straight feed lips, but the ones I got had the right angle and bend to them (maybe they changed the design recently).
  14. That very well may be lewie, all I know is that I used like 3 boxes of ammo and only got one of mine to shoot 10 rds without jamming.
  15. screwylewie

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    I bought my 995 used (very cheap), and the guy I bought it from said he owned it a couple years and shot "at least 10,000 rounds" out of it , and he said he bought it used from another guy. So maybe it is so broke in it can shoot anything from any mag. The gun still is very accurate and mechanically still feels "tight". I only have about 700 rounds out of it so far, but have not had any jams of any kind yet (knocking on wood).
  16. That may be the difference.

    Anyway, I am glad that you are having good luck with the rifle and the mags.

    I would suggest with that many rounds through it that you send it in for a lookover and any upgrades, but then if the 15 rd mags didnt work you would be mad at me :)
  17. screwylewie

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    ya, I ain't messing with it until it breaks. My luck would be Beemiller would send it back with new parts and then my promags wouldn't work, and I paid more for the 3 promags than I did for the gun!!
  18. shotgun

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  19. screwylewie

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    I think the whole promag 30 rd drum thing is something that promag had on their map but then dropped/delayed, because there are several sites that list them (allways out of stock/not available). simple math, promag makes hi-caps for the 995=1, promag makes polymer drums for other guns=1. so 1+1=?. Probably promag had/has the 30 rd drum in mind but possibly due to the disaster of their 15 rd mags for the 995 (all 3 of mine work in my 995), they either dropped or delayed it. If promag has/had interest/r&d time in a 30 rd drum but has for whatever reason not brought it to market, they won't be admitting it. That would be like KFC giving out it's 'original' recipe. either way don't hold your breath.
  20. joebob88

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    30 round mag.

    My boss is going to ask about it on our next order. I believe that they will be on high demand. I sure would like to have one.