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    It's probably more like today's drivers can't figure out how to run the clutches and speed ranges with manual transmissions. I can't see how a torque converter and a complex series of ring gears could really be stronger. The computers and their control over RPMs and torque are most likely what keep those new automatica from blowing up.
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    Some makeup will change things entirely.

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    The drivers on the wrong side and those idiots don't know how to spell tires! Back in the day California wouldn't allow standard transmission vehicles because of a puff of pollution that might happen between gears. Yay California
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    Never had a clutch or tranny problem with the T/A. I DID break the pivot fork for the throw out bearing a couple times, guess I had a " lead" foot! (Yuk, yuk).
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  5. True, they don't make em like they used to, engines that is. Most cars today have more hp than they did thirty, forty years ago. And depending on your skills (or wallet) you can put 500 plus hp under the hood. Numbers like that were unheard of in a street car.
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    You're right about that. The technology has really boosted the horses and torque available. It would be nice to enjoy all of that with a good five-speed manual, though. I once had a Dodge Dakota with the 5.2L V8 and a five-speed. Let me tell you what. That was awesome. And I got 22 MPG driving cross country in it, too. I loved the way that thing could move!
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    Escort with a 2.6L V8 made out of two Hayabusa engines siamesed together

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    Nothing wrong with a 30 year old Escort. I drove an '88 Escort as a daily driver until just a few years ago. When I quit driving it it was still running but, needed work and with chronic back pain I didn't feel like doing the work and wasn't going to pay someone $50-100 an hour to work on it. When I parked it had 518K miles and had never had a rebuild. The Escort was my work truck when I worked construction often driving it 200 or more miles a day and getting 40+MPG.
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    You, I do believe that there is no replacement for displacement, but I also think those really small V8 engines are awesome. That didn't look turbo-charged, but it was friggin' moving out! One thing about tiny cylinders is that you can really run up the RPMs. With eight of them, you don't even need the turbo. Have some low gears to start, and you'll fly off the line, with plenty of room to go before you even have to do your first shift. Pure awesomeness.
  10. I started drag racing two years before Chevy even offered a V8; so I have lived through almost 70 years of the evolution of fast cars and changing technology. I remember my early years of racing and the cars I owned with nostalgia. I wouldn't take anything for those memories; but that is all it is now....nostalgia and memories.

    Despite all the fun it was over the years, there is no way the equipment we had back then would compare to what we have today. I won trophies in those days with cars that could be embarrassed by soccer moms in mini-vans today.

    In my younger years, no self-respecting drag racer would be seen driving a car with automatic transmission. Now, the secret to getting every ounce of potential from a car at the drag strip is to have an electronically controlled transmission linked to a hi-stall converter.

    I miss the everyday fun of a manual; but when it comes time to go for a time slip, I'm glad I opted for the automatic in my GTO.

    GTO Burnout  for sig Valdosta.jpg
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    #4's brother used to have some fast cars back in high school. He always said, "automatics are for women and children." Had a friend back in 2004 that had a Dodge Ram long bed with the factory Viper motor and auto. His back problems didn't allow him to clutch stuff.
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    Automatics have their place. With the newer 7, 8 and 9 speed tranny (is there a 10 speed yet?) in pickups and SUVs to bump MPG up, it’s hard to complain too much.

    My Nissan has a 7 speed, it has a manual button to change gears up or down, so there’s no “low” in the gear shift, plus the electronic “tow” mapping to change shift points. I’d prefer a manual for a sports car to run mountain roads and curves, but for most driving, the autos get it done pretty well.
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    I prefer a manual but as Trashy mentioned, back issues can make a clutch really suck at times. My new to me Escape has the paddle shifters and sports mode on the trans. Kinda fun and a peppy little engine with the turbo
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  14. Ford is putting their 10 speed in the F150 and up line now. You can even get the Ecoboost 3.5L AWD with the 10 speed on the Transit 350HD's now. Pretty cool setup.
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  15. For some reason, I have a ‘71 AMC Javelin stuck in my head AND I CAN’T get it out........
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  16. Because its engine is seized up and the tires are flat? ;)
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  17. Lol, nope. Been wanting one for 30 years, but IF you can find one, they ain’t anywhere near cheap.
  18. A guy used to race a Rambler Rebel at the Brooksville, FL dragstrip in the late fifties. I was always tempted to buy one...but just never pulled the trigger. I always thought of the Rambler Rebel as the first muscle car. I know most people give that nod to the Pontiac GTO; but the Rebel was a little car with big V8 seven years before the first GTO hit the streets.
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    Need the 401 V8 and the 4 speed...
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  20. Damn right