.32 H&R Mag vs .380ACP

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  1. For the sake of a caliber argument were talking .380ACP vs .32H&R Mag.... I repeat .380ACP vs .32H&R Mag... So... .380ACP vs .32H&R Mag talk please.

    Last night the s-son and I were talking about him getting another gun, one thing that caught his eye was a Charter Arms Undercoverette .32 H&R Mag. Currently he owns a Firestorm .380 and has been wanting a snubbie ever since I picked up my Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special.


    Anyway, we got to comparing the .32 H&R Mag and the .380ACP in terms of bullet weights, MV and ft lbs of energy. I was kinda surprised by the paper figures and wanted to toss em out to you guys just to see what yall think. Please bear in mind these figures are average, so some ammo may produce more or less than what is listed here.

    .380ACP 85-95gr bullets @ 955-960fps and ~190 ft/lbs energy
    .32 Mag 85gr JHP @ 1100fps and ~230ft/lbs energy
    .32Mag 95gr LSWC @ 1030 and ~225ft/lbs energy

    The above figures are from 4" barrel guns and pretty much represent the figures I am used to seeing from the .380ACP, which happens to be one of my favorite pocket pistol calibers.

    The advantages I see here with the .380 are most guns chambered for it have 7-9 round capacity, most .32Mag's pocket pistols are 5 shot revolvers with 2" barrels. MV and Ft/Lbs would suffer in the snubbie but not to the point of bringing it below the .380's figures.

    Anyway, just thought I would toss this out to see what others think. Oh yeah... .380ACP vs .32H&R Mag talk please, we all know everything else is better/more desirable/hits harder/penetrates better/cost less/readily available/yada yada yada :)

  2. Hmmm. That is interesting. If those are representative ballistics, the .32H&R Magnum has the advantage of concealability over the .380. I'd like go with the .32 for the small ccw factor.

  3. .380 ACP is sold in just about any place that sells ammo in the US. Dunno if I've ever seen .32 H&R Mag. Never looked but it's certainly not as widely carried and popular as 9mm or .45.

    For my money I can think of a better round for a snubbie...than either round.
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    What others think.

    Well I thought the .380ACP would have the better numbers so I pat your back for the info.

    However MY .02 is I have not seen the .32H&R. Doesn't mean it isn't sold at the places I go just that I have not seen it. Thus My ignorance would have me leaning to the .380ACP as I have seen this a lot.

    And the fact that I am a more is better thinker myself.

    Ya, ya if you cant do it with the first few what makes you think you can do it with the rest.

    Well in Iraq I had way more than 6-7 or 5 so ya, more is better.

    I'd go with .380acp Plus I am still young enough to be dumb enough to think that wheel guns are only for old folks. LOL :)
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    Both of my local guns stores sell 32 H&R Mag. .380 is not what I would call cheap. For you kids nothing wrong with a wheel gun. But as I have brought up before for CCW work there are so many other rounds that are much better then either of those. (in the same size packages)

    But I must admit that the 32 is something that would be fun to play with.. I did see a Ruger in like a 3.5 inch barrel.
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    I have a 32 H&R Magnum in a Ruger Single Six. It's a great round and a lot of fun to shoot. Very accurate too. Years ago I had a 380 in a little Colt auto. I would much rather use the 32 for self defense. The ammo isn't as common, but since I roll my own thats not a problem. This should be really nice in a double action.
    Recently read that Federal and Ruger have a SP101 in a new cart., the 327 Federal (I think). It's a longer 32 H&R magnum and I think the velocity for the 85 gr. bullet was something around 1400 fps. That would be something.

  7. Ari

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    1400 that is cool
  8. Bandit320

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    Sorry to get off subject, I really do like the 32 H&R in my single six. Here is a link to a review of that .327 Federal / Ruger combo.


    ....Federal is offering three factory loads for the .327 Federal Magnum at this time; a Federal Premium 85 grain Hydra-Shok hollowpoint at 1330 fps, a Speer Gold Dot 115 grain hollowpoint at 1300 fps, and an American Eagle 100 grain jacketed soft point at 1400 fps. These velocities are advertised as being fired from the 3 1/16 inch barrel of the SP101.
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    i would like a .32 H&R in a revolver or something just to plink around with and shoot the random varmits and what not but if i were to chose for ccw or self defense i would probably go with the .380 due to the factor of ammo being easy to find and there is probably a better selection of loads for the .380... i know you can buy corbon dpx ammo for the .380 for example.
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    I recently bought a NIB-NOS SW 432PD (.32H&Rmag). This is a 6 shot J frame that is 13.5oz. I LOVE this little revolver. It goes bang everytime and I don't have to worry about all the gremlins that often go with small semi-autos. I had no trouble finding ammo online. Sportsman's Guide, Cabalas,and Georgia Arms has the .32 H&R ammo. I can also fire .32 longs from the 432 PD. I utilize this a BUG to my G27 but would not hesitate to carry as a primary when the Glock was not practical. Federal, Black Hills and Georgia Arms makes the .32H&R mag. loads. HKS speedloaders model # 32 J

    Buds has a 431PD on sale.
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  11. FLA,

    That's one nice looking 32! I normally do not like light weight revolvers because they are not fun to shoot, but in the .32 H&R caliber it would not be so bad.

    I am seriously thinking about adding a 32 H&RMag to my inventory next year, and since I reload I have no worries about finding ammo.
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    Hey Rimfirehunter. If you really want to get a nice LIGHT .32 mag try to find the Smith 331. It is an Airlight-Ti 6 shot J frame that is only 11.3 oz. It has a stainless like finish. I was unaware of this model when I bought the 432PD.The stainless like finish would be a better choice here in Florida. But I do like my 432PD
  13. Ari

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    If we are not careful this will turn onto the Hipoint/Mosin/32 mag forum :wink:
  14. My dad has a older New England 32 H&R pistol.
    He is accurate as all get out with it.
    Only big gripe is ammo cost but I need to look online for some for him and may start reloading it for him.
    I am interested in the new .327 Federal since it will also shoot the H&R mag as well.
  15. muerte,

    the .32H&R Mag is very popular with cowboy action shooters these days, especially with the ladies and some of the older gents, so finding ammo online is much easier than it was a few years back. Marlin even makes a lever rifle chambered for the round and this is what has my attention...LOL
  16. Yeah I have seen the lever action you speak of and it is an interesting rifle.
    Right now my eyes are on a 44 Mag Ruger pistol and then a Marlin Lever action to go with it.
    I have been wanting a pistol to deer hunt with and a matching rifle wil be nice if I decide to take up bear hunting.
    When you get that 32 H&R lever gun let me know how you like it.
  17. murete,

    I have a Marlin 1894 20" barrel .44 and a Taurus 4" 441 .44Special. Been using .44 Specials in the rifle and been having so much fun I cant keep enough ammo loaded up to keep up with my shooting. Back problems keep me from using full powder mag loads but I am very pleased with the results I am getting with the Specials in my Marlin right now. Most of my carbine loads have been cowboy loads to keep the recoil down but at the distances I need to shoot they have been working wonderfully.

    As far as the .32 goes, it will be a good long while before I can get one, have another back surgery scheduled in Jan so funds will be tied up paying medical bills. If I do come across some good deals I may just have to jump on it though..LOL.
  18. call me a gun geek but

    the .32 h&R mag is not a bad round I have a Nagant revolver that I carry and .32h&r is the ammo I use (good Nagant ammo being non existent at this time ) it is close enough in overall length it is accurate even in the heavy double action mode ( if you have shot one you know what I mean ) and I like the data over the .380 .
  19. GlockMan

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    I suggest scraping both the .380acp and .32Mag idea's and buy a .38spl, better defensive ammo, cheaper to shoot.
  20. I have a NEF in .32 H&R Mag and a Nagant that I also shoot .32 H&R out of. It's s fun cartridge. The ammo is not cheap so I roll my own.

    How do you come to that conclusion? Have you factored in size/weight issues?

    If your looking for CCW the cost of ammo should not be a problem. Spend a few bucks your life is worth it.
    Mr SNS