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    OK, I'm confused. Advertises it as a 9mm then says it just looks like a 9 but it's really a .45? :?

  3. Hang on to them highpoints, they may be worth a lot someday!!! :shock: :lol: :roll:

    JK. How long to see them hit the 500. mark
  4. Had me confused too. Cant tell from the pic.
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    Pic is definitely a C9.
  6. The Kicker is that it's freakin used! Man I really wanna nail this Dbag...
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    Well I sent an Email to him and even got a responce. her it is boys.

    I asked>>>>>>>>>>
    First off Why advertise as a 9 mm if it is a 45 cal? Second why are yu charging almost twice as much as it is sold NIB??

    krispypeanut927@aol.com wrote>>>>>>>>>>>

    Well it was given to me a while back and I'm not into guns. Tell me what it retails from and I change the price accordingly. And I saw more listings under 9mm versus 45 cal. thats all. whats the price you pay?

    So I repliyed>>>>>>>>>>>
    I paid 135 for My C-9 witch is what you have pictured New in the box. It also came with a leather holster.

    If you go to www.hi-pointfirearms.com you will see the MSRP is 155$

    Your add has created a lot of laughter on a few firearms forums. I felt the need to ask about price of a used fireaarm being darn near double the MSRP.
  8. Probably got an ad for a $1000 Bubba Yugo somewhere too :)
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    +1 it has no rail. Thats one of the biggest giveaways that its not a 40 or 45. The barrel is also shorter on the C9.

    This guy must has a gas leak at home with that price...
  10. Got ME a C9 for $ 114.00 NIB