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  1. Yes you read it right... Federal .327 Mag mated with a Ruger SP101... Talk about a .32Mag on roids... mmmm...mmm..

    The ammunition will be available in three loads:
    • PD327HS1 H: Federal Premium 85-gr Hydra-Shok™ JHP
    (1330 fps muzzle velocity in 3-1/16†barrel)
    • AE327: American Eagle® 100-gr SP
    (1400 fps muzzle velocity in 3-1/16†barrel)
    • 23914 : Speer 115-gr Gold Dot® HP
    (1300 fps muzzle velocity in 3-1/16†barrel)

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    Have to wonder if they have solved the flame cutting problem that the .32 Magnum had. I seem to remember that the .32 Mag was so hot that the flame escaping between the cylinder and the barrel throat was cutting into or through the top strap of the frame. :shock:

    Now they've taken the .32 Magnum, lengthened it a bit and put more pressure to it? :roll: Sounds like a recipe for selling a new revolver about every 250 rounds.

    However, I hope they do have the problems worked out. I know I still enjoy shooting my .32 S&W Long caliber H&R pistol.

  3. HPHooked,

    My understanding of the flame cutting is that it was only an issue in certain revolvers like older single action .32-20's re chambered for the 32 H&R Mag round, or some of the very first H&R .32 mags during the early stages of the rounds development.

    Another really hot round in a revolver is the .30 Carbine. If you have ever watched anyone shoot one, especially late in the evening, you would almost swear they would get burned or the gun had just exploded. Lots of hot gas and flame escape from between the cylinder and throat of the barrel when the round is touched off. Always wanted one of these until I actually got a chance to shoot one, then I said "cool gun" and never thought about getting one again.