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357 magnum

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I was wondering if amyone can tell me what websites you frequest for parts to modify my pistol. Its a new model blackhawk 357 mag. I want a lighter trigger pull but dont know where to go to get a lighter spring. Thanks!
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I've found polishing all the trigger group parts will clean up the trigger a great deal. I have done so on a Blackhawk 41mag and 45 colt. I ended up not replacing the main spring. You may want to talk to a local Gun Smith about spring replacement.

Ron M.
Depending on what model you have...you can adjust the spring yourself. Ruger is some good shit and use coils springs, as opposed to the "lesser" guns which use a leaf spring. Tighten them too much and you will kill your trigger pull, and possible break the spring and other internals. But loosen the tension too much and you wont have enough pressure to ignite the primer.

Again, MOST revolvers I have had/played with are like that.
Guess ill check with the local gunsmith. thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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