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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Braztech Rossi Revolvers? or Comanche Revolvers? I have been looking for a lower priced .357 revolver. These are the ones that I have found to be cheaper. also the Rossi shows a lifetime repair warranty. I cant find a website for the Comanche. Any info would be great.
  2. I have a Rossi 38 special. It has been a good gun. As far as the warranty I don't know because I havent had to use it yet

  3. Not sure if Comanche has a site and they may be imported. If you do a web search on llama comanche, you will find info. Gunbroker also has comanches on there often. A quick search showed a few threads on gun boards.
  4. I have a Taurus .357Mag Tracker. They are a fairly priced revolver, and the ported barrel makes shooting it pretty sweet. 357mag feels like 38 special. 38 special feels like 9mm or less.
  5. Another Taurus Tracker owner

  6. I have owned two Rossi .38 Snubby revolvers in the past. Both were fantastic little carry guns and never once did I have an issue with either of them. I put well over 2k thru the second one and it still looked and shot like a NIB gun when I traded it off on something else.
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    The price for a new Rossi Isnt bad. I am thinking about picking one up. I found somewhere but i cant find it again a 357 snub Rossi for $220 delivered.
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    Maybe, Just maybe some day I will grow up enough and by Me somthing like this.

    Guys keep talking them up I Might just have to eventualy get me some first hand Knowledge.

    Only revolver I ever fired was the Dirty Harry gun, Light loads And a .357 with .38 and .357
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    Rossi is now owned by Taurus, i dont own a rossi but they seemed to me like decently built revolvers.. i would buy one if i found a good price.
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    I recently purchased a Rossi 972 and am looking for larger grips for it. Do you happen to know where they might be found.
  11. After reading this post, the Comanche III peaked my interest. Called a few local shops and found one that will have me one here Tuesday for 225.00. I figure "what the heck" for a stainless steel .357 can't be all bad. I've got the 6" coming. I'll let ya'll know what I think as soon as I get it. if anything it will make a good truck pistol or the kid can have it.
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    I owned the Comanche II, 4" blue all steel/medium framed revolver in 38 special, 6 shot,double action. It had adj. rear sights and a rubber,finger grooved grip. It shot 100% and was very accurate. I bought it used @ pawn shop fpr $150. Good revolver.
  13. I have a Comanche III .357MAG. Shoots great. In the 23 years that I've owned it I had to replace 1 firing pin. accuracy is OK, I was able to hit a gong at 200 yards from a bench rest.
    Here's the website
  14. I have a Taurus 605 2in .357mag. It is kinda jumpy with .357 but with 38spl it is really managable.
  15. Well I got my Comanche III revolver today. can't say I disappointed. It ain't no S&W...but for the price it's cool. Let you know how it shoots this weekend.
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    Thanks for everyones info. Please do let me know how it shoots this weekend.
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    i tried to get a hold of their .22lr one time.. but the local shop only had 30 and they sold out quick.. never gotten any more in..

    they only wanted 99 for them, I ended up going home with a S&W 22a, which is nice but i do like .22 revolvers.
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    Almost died because of a brand new, malfunctioning Rossi 971.

  19. Kinda jumpy with .357? What are you, NUTS? That thing kicks harder than my .50 AE Desert Eagle!!! :shock:

    Jumpy... PFFFFFT. Dude, you're smokin' crack! :roll: 8) :lol: :wink:

    Seriously though, that pistol is more than just "jumpy" with 357 ammo... 5 shots with it will hurt your hands.
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    Could you explain the "Almost died "