$379 for a 995?!?!? Holy Geez!!!!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by tju1973, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. I went to the Dallas Market Hall gunshow today and was DISGUSTED!!
    Many prices were gunshow jakked high, but one dealer actually had the balls to ask $379 for a plain jane 995B!!

    I hope that pig chokes on his own vomit...

  2. He'll go broke at markups like that!

    Unfortunately some informed person will probably come along and buy it...

  3. Stan9106

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    You're right, some poor ignorant soul will come along and pay his price eventually. Pays to know what you're buying before you lay down the cash.
  4. neothespian

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    Unfortunately, he'll get his money.

    Why? Because when people finally decide to purchase a firearm, they believe the old adage that the gunshow is the best place for a bargian. So, hordes of the uninformed go to buy a gun and pay 3 to 4 times the price for a bashed about piece.

    As I AWAYS say: The internet is your friend. Just...well...keep the relationship professional. Hard to explain to the signifigant other beyond that...
  5. jason865

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    Man, that is just a little extreme. He didnt do anything to you. So what if he charges too much. He has the right to charge as much as he wants just as you do not to buy the item. If he sells them at that price, then more power to him. No sense in calling him names or wishing harm upon him.

    By the way, we all know he is above what these rifles go for but I do have
    one question. How many other 9mm carbine rifles are you going to get for $379? It may be way too much to charge for one, but even at $379 the 995 is still a decent value when compared to the other options out there.
  6. unscarred

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    O.K.----I've told some people about this story, but they just don't beleive it is possible. Hell, I'm not sure I beleive it either. I received my 995 new in 1995 or '96 as a gift. I recently read on this sight about a sturdier stock, so I sent it in for an exchange. Well, a tech calls me a few days later and says that they will change it if I want, but my 995 is worth more if I keep it original. I asked, "why is that" and he said, "because it is one of the first 100 made".
  7. If it were me I would leave it as is, put it up and buy another one to shoot. Who knows, that one may be a collectors item some day! :)
  8. Huggy

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    Big +1 to Waltham. Unscarred, you've got a piece of history there. Buy or build yourself a display case, and put that feller in the hall of fame. Best part is, the case would probably cost more than the weapon did:D
  9. Unscarred, you really have a gem there bro, never sell or modify that gun. Wow!
  10. unscarred

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    So, do you really think this is true? I don't know anything about antique value of anything. I just don't see how it could go up in value, most things depreciate in value. The only reason I even partially beleive it, is because a HP tech told me that. But How would they know that. Was he just guessing? He's not a dealer, He's a technician. I don't know.
  11. Dude, according to BATF regulations every gun manufacturer has to log each and every serial number of every weapon that they have ever made. All it takes is entering a few numbers into a computer to get a date of manufacture. If the tech told you that you have a first 100 gun, believe the man.
  12. jason865

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    I dont doubt that he has one fo the first hundered rifles, because I am sure they can see that by the serial number. However, I think believing that a 995 is going to be a collectors item is being very optimistic.
  13. unscarred

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    I know it is a first 100. I just don't know about the value.
  14. Uraijit

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    Ther is most certainly some value to that as well. Put that sucker away, and go get another one to shoot.
  15. Ok, fine. I'll buy that 995 from you and pay it the respect that it deserves, how's that?
  16. unscarred

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    What makes you think that I'm disrespecting it?
  17. OOOPS!!!

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  18. People collect all sorts of things, who is to say that there is not someone out there that collects Hi Point weapons? You never know.

    True, it may not have the value of a M1 Garand, but you never know.
  19. Well for they say that there is a sucker born every minute.