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38 S&W Question

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I inherited a couple of 38 Special S&W revolvers. Along with the .38 special and .38 Long Colt are there any other cartridges that can be safely fired in those revolvers?
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@mr_flintstone you know we have a reloading section for data, right?
Yeah, I just thought it kinda went along with this thread. The OP was looking for options for his guns, and I thought it might be applicable. If I was wrong in posting it here, I apologize.
Nope, I'm just pulling a Kirk to get people to post load data, the way he whines about articles. Since all the old schoolers complained we didn't have a load data section, I made one as soon as I took over the Admin position. Nobody posts in it... :rolleyes:
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In that case, I'll make it a point to post more there in the near future. I always like to discuss reloading topics.
I'm just as guilty for not posting. I have notebooks full of data for my firearms and might have put one recipe out there?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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