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Factory ammo is limited in scope, with hand loading, you can do what you want and get the expected results.
Reloading for target practice is a great way to get proficient with your weapon. However, shooting a perp with reloads can give an anti-firearm prosecutor reason to press for a murder charge instead of a justifiable homicide charge. He might contend that you intentionally loaded the ammo to be more lethal than factory ammo. :evil:

Also, by keeping factory ammo in the weapon for HD/SD, the CSI folks can request a sample from the manufacturer for ballistic testing. They cannot do this with evidence which is what all of your reloads become in a shooting incident. Another thing is that if the perp or it's family file a law suite, the ammo makers lawyers will help in the defense by pointing out that their product performed as advertised and is well within SAAMI limits.:D

Just my 2 cents after listening to a lot of LEO's in Texas and Montana. 8) :D
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