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    I bought some hydra-shok 125 gr .38 special the other day to use in a snubbie. After a few days, I checked on BBTI, and it lists the velocity out of a 2 inch barrel at around 700 fps. This got me to wondering if that's enough to reliably penetrate and expand. Would it be better to use 158 gr lead round nose @ about 680 fps?
  2. I use 138 grain wadcutters at 900 fps for carry, Then PMC 130 grain FMJ flat point at 735 for speed loaders. For the wife I load 105 grain soft lead flat point at 900 fps.

    All velocities are out of a Rossi 352 two inch barrel. I was really surprised at the PMC factory ammo having such a good speed out of a snub, and not even plus P. I don't concern myself with expansion, just penetration.

    If you don't mind paying a dollar a round, you can get potent +P ammo from Buffalo Bore for snub nose.

    I use long shot powder for my loads with the wadcutters, but red dot for the 105 grain loads.
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    I have original Black Talon rounds for my .38's, and for my 40 S&W and 9mm. I bought a crap ton of them back in the day and use them only for protection purposes and not practice.

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    When black talon came out in 1991 it was banned by the feds because of a false story that it penetrated body armor. Once actual tests were finally run, it was found to have little difference in penetration than regular hollow point ammo.
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    A decade earlier, the LEO's had the 'cop killer' bullets (KTW Teflon coated) to contend with (NOT!) - 9mm fired out of revolvers (?)...

    Available only to LEO's and the Federal government.

    Not a single LEO was shot with them.

    Thanks Congressman Biaggio (NY)

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    I heard hydrashoks are really what used to be black talons.
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    They're different rounds, made by different companies. The Hydrashocks have a post in the middle of the cavity that diverts the hydraulic pressure outward, thereby facilitating more reliable expansion, while Black Talons just have a trademark look to the jacket petals after expansion. Also, the first is made by Federal, while the second is made by Winchester.
  8. Winchester SXT replaced the Black Talons. Ths SXT satnds for "Same eXact Thing". They look the same but do not have the Black coating on them.
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    You heard wrong darlin'. :)
    The Winchester Ranger SXT is the off shoot of the Black Talon. They are for all purposes the "same exact thing" (SXT) as the Black Talon. They were pretty much just renamed due to the bad PR the name Black Talon had.

    The Black Talons are my first choice for use in my carry weapons.


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    The Supreme SXT does not, the Ranger SXT does. ;)
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    The Black Talon bullets had barbs when they expanded. That got a lot of negative publicity too. Didn't they do away with those when they transitioned to SXT and Ranger? I dunno. When it came out, I thought the barbs were awesome. Now I really believe it's mostly just a marketing gimmick.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The Black Talons upon expansion have a propensity to expel small razor sharp slivers/barbs during the traversal of the wound channel created. Expansion is/was excellent with them. The Ranger SXT does not have the 'barb' that the Black Talon does and as such is not 100% the same. I have not had occasion to employ and directly observe the Ranger SXT performance "in the field" but can attest to the Black Talon's capabilities and wound effects.

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    Thanks for the info guys! Good to know! :)