.38 Spl boolits for 9mm?

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    When looking for bullets for reloading 9mm, I usually only find the maximum weights offered @ 147gr. I see that bullets offered for the .38 Spl run up to 200gr.

    Since 9mm luger bullets average .355-.357 inch diameter and .38spl (according to wikipedia) are .357 inch diameter, is there any specific reason that 9mm couldn't be reloaded with a 200gr .38spl boolit?
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    Actually, they "average" .3552 of an inch. That is when averaging diameter of the 9mm bullets on the Midway USA site.
    Most of the .356 bullets, (18 of 92,) were cast; and there were no .357 diameter bullets listed.

    I would think overpressure would be the most important reason. I doubt if you would get reloading data for a 200gr .355 bullet, then to add the larger diameter would have to put you in the red zone.

    Another reason could be under pressure, getting a bullet stuck in the bore, and maybe sending another into it causing an extreme situation.

    If I were set on shooting 200gr bullets in a semi-auto, I'd buy a 40S&W.
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  3. Hermitt

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    Actually, If I were to ever buy another semi-auto, it would most likely be a 10mm like the EAA Witness with a minimum of 4-1/2" barrel. :cool:
  4. 200 gr probably not just because of the length of the bullet not the weight.

    I load 168gr SWC in 9mm all the time but 2.8 grs is about +p pressure any more weight and you'll have to drop the charge so much idk if u could cycle a slide.
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    Oh yeah, I wasn't thinking about how a heavier bullet is going to be much longer than the lighter ones so they would have to be pushed farther inside the casing just to feed correctly in the magazines.
  6. Yup, a couple other things to think about is if your not using a soft alloy 8-10 brinnell then the bullet will swell the case enough it won't chamber. Since the 9mm is a tapered case longer boolits run into the taper but if there soft enough the bullet will be swaged down and not swell the case much. I think my 168gr bullets bases at swaged down to .330 and they still shoot fine because there .358 farther up but something you'll have to remember when messing with super heavy 9mm bullets. Also mid to slow powders will make POI about a 1 to 2 high at 30ft because the bullet is in the barrel longer.

    I have a couple different heavy bullets I got for testing right now 160gr RN 168gr RN and my 168 SWC. I'm working on finding one that can be loaded longer and feeds wonderfully. The best part about these heavy bullets is if you mix them with a fast powder there like shooting a 22.
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    I use the LEE 105 swc powder coated and sized to .356 in my 9mm and 380's
    I also use the LEE 125gr rnfp powder coated and sized to .356 in my 9mm's
    The Powder coating helps because you can sized them down with out worrying about lube groove volume. Since no lube is used it is not an issue.

    But I have shot the 105gr standard lubed in my 9's and 380's at .358 with out issue.

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    I use 158gr and size them for subsonic 9mm rounds that I load. I don't use anything heavier then that as they tend to not stabilize, but they may if you loading supersonic rounds.
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    Why go up past 147? They're already subsonic at that weight.

    I've considered using .38SPC bullets in 9mm during the Great Ammo Shortage when all I could get for bullets was 125gr .358 bullets from Berry's. I never did, but I do wonder if it's safe. That extra diameter would make me uncomfortable about overpressure. If you had a good sizer, you could do just fine though, I'd bet.
  10. If they'll chamber no need to size down. Your not gonna have pressure problems from a bullet being wider. The bullet is sized by the barrel really fast. Quickload says pressure is the same and I've never seen any difference.

    About heavier bullets stabilizing I've only had problems when using that darn polygonal rifling. With conventional rifling all my heavy bullet fly great.

    Now why would people want to do it? Well if u compete and have to make minor power factor than these bullets are great. They take about half the powder of a 115gr and seem like they have about half the recoil at minor power factor.