380 acp vs 9mm Luger

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by ConstantineC9, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Which bullet is more powerful for it's standard bullet weight.
  2. Joe Sixpack

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    any 9mm will beat any .380acp

  3. Hmm, just wondering since ive heard the Hi Point 380 is more reliable than the 9mm, I have had two fail to feeds but it still needs a good break in.
  4. Joe Sixpack

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    oh i thought you was talking about fire power..

    i have no clue.. i've not shot my c9 yet and i dont have a .380 hp..

    it might be more reliable i dont know.
  5. They are both reliable. With some c9's you have to teak the mag lips and polish the feed ramp, but other than that, they are both very relaible pistols.

    As far as powerful, the 9mm is the more powerful.
  6. Well I was, because if it is stronger for it's size than I would trade it for the 380, even pay a few more bucks for ammo if it runs smoother. Just wondering.
  7. The Hipoint 9mm and the .380 are the same size. They just take different ammo.
  8. I know, let my try to explain: I was thinking, which one is ''big stuff in a small package''?
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    well ya the c9 and the 380 are the same size.. aparently only the slide is a tad bit lighter..

    they use the same magazines even.

    .380 is also referred to as 9mm short.. it's 9x17mm

    9mm is 9x19mm.. so yes get more bang out of the 9mm it's only 2mm longer.

    if you're wanting to buy a hi-point c9 or a 380 then go with the c9 since it's cheaper to shoot. more powerful.. virtually the same shape and weight.
  10. OK. Now I understand. The C9 is the big stuff in the small package. Ammo's a lot cheaper too, as Joe said.
  11. Exactly what I was trying to get out, well then my C9 is fine for now.
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    Of course, don't count out the heavier .45 as some people sometimes regard the 9mm as a lady's gun and the .45 as a man's gun. Personally, the two 9mm Hi-Points I bought are strictly for fun. I count on my trusty .357 six shooter for sure. Like the valley girls say when ask why they take two birth control pills, for sure for sure man.
  13. Well that's why I was thinking about trading my Xd 9 for a 45 acp.
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    well personally the .45 and .40 looks to big..

    i would'nt concern your self with what other people think about caliber pick which one you're comfortable with.

    if you want to get into penis replacements then everyone should be walking around with a s&w .500, a .50 desert eagle or maybe one of those nitro revolvers.

    personally i think 9mm is pound for pound the best pistol caliber out there.
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    And a lot will agree with you. All in all it isn't the size of the round but the placement of the shot. Shoot first and shoot well and a .22 will do the job.
    For me, the .357 mag's recoil isn't too bad and it packs a wallop. Anything bigger and I might as well be holding a cannon and trying to fire it. That .500 and .50 might be fun to fire a few times though. Seriously though, the 9mm is the smallest round I would carry for defensive purposes, and my .357 doesn't work as a concealed carry at all. All depends on what the guns purpose is I suppose.
  16. Home defence, no carry right now, I just personally like the sheer size of the 45 acp, recoil and all.
  17. I won't carry a .380 period. It doesn't have the velocity to be an effective SD/HD round IMHO. 9mm has been battle proven and is the smallest caliber that I trust my life to, in an semi-auto pistol. You may find that a wheel gun in .38 or .357 might suit you needs better in the long run, but .380 is an unwise choice to me. Just my $0.02, for what it's worth.
  18. Well you seem to be confident with the caliber, I dont think it's too small just, well drugged up criminals these days.
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    Home defense? What you need is a shotgun. There is no better weapon than a good shotgun for home defense. This here's what you need. http://www.pistolmikes.com/870expsyn18.htm
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    I will not trust anything smaller than a .380 for SD. I've got 8 - 102gr Speer Gold Dots in my .380, i got 7 more in the spare mag. I feel confident with the .380, without the extra mag. BUT i would not trust a .22, .25, or a .32... buti would trust a .32 H&R Mag... BUT that's another story.