.380; Ammo sprays out of mag.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Jimmmm, Jun 17, 2014.

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    I loaded my Hi Point .380 mag up with some new Remington HP defense ammo, and if I touched the ammo wrong after it was installed in the mag OR tried to put the mag in the gun, the ammo would come spraying out the top of the mag (from tension of the mag spring.)

    I thought maybe it was the new untried ammo, so I loaded up with solid point stuff I've used before (Lawman brand, I think), and although it was much better, I still had some issues. The opening in the mag (at the lips) is noticeably wider than other guns of other makes, so that the lips just barely keep the ammo in place. I presume this is the problem but don't know for sure. I may have had problems with standard ammo once or twice before, but not enough to be a problem.

    Is this an issue I can deal with myself? My inclination is to bend the mag lips in a tad so they have a better hold of the ammo, but thought I'd ask you guys first.
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    That should solve your problem.

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    the feed lips on these mags are the biggest problem with all hp guns and mags. the fix is to tweak the lips until it feeds correctly. i had 3 mags that needed tweaking
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    Thanks for the responses. I'll try tweaking the mag.
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    Tweaking the mag may not fix your problem. I experienced a similar issue with my C-9. It turned out that the back of the mag was splitting apart!
    I tried to fix it by peening the back of the mag to expand the "fingers" but it didn't work. I ended up sending it back to HiPoint and they sent me a new one:).
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    Well that's something I've never seen. I'm sure that's a rare failure. 99% of the problems in the mags are feed lip related, but the tack weld at the back of the mag would be worth looking at. Good post topgas