.380 Ball Vs .380 Hollow Point

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  1. Here on the homestead, I use a CF380 to put down various animals for slaughter. Coming up we will be putting down a cow on our next slaughter day. I am wondering if there is any advantage to using a hollow point vs a standard ball round. I will be firing from less than 12 inches into the cows head, is that enough to allow for the HP to expand? My goal is to put the animal down as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    This is a somewhat academic question as people often use a .22 from the same range for cows to good effect.
  2. I would not use a hollow point for this. You need to penetrate a thick skull. Actually 22lr might be a better choice.

    You really only need to stun the cow, then bleed the cow out. In the industry they use a pneumatic stun that is placed on the cows skull stunning the cow.

    Just make sure the shot has no angle at all, 90 degrees to the skull.

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    If you are going to use the 380, I'd definitely use ball ammo. Like Walkingwolf said, cow skulls are pretty thick. A 380 might not be enough.
  4. Just finished the slaughter of the cow on Sat. With lots of help from our friends, we where able to slaughter, butcher and package the entire cow by around 6pm that evening. The .380 with a standard ball dropped her like a stone, no problems at all.
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    I carry ball for defense in my 380 because I'm counting on a head shot.
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    Just in the last year i have heard 2 horror stories of guys butchering their own meat and the first round or the 4th not getting the job done.One was from a family who hires a local traveling butcher to come by and process a cow for them every few months. he used a .22 pistol (not sure the manufacturer he emptied the entire magazine into the cow's head and she was still alive and she stayed that way until the farmer got back with his rifle. the butcher said in 30 years of butchering that was the first animal that took more than 2 shots.

    the second was a pig that took 5 rounds of 38spl out of a ruger sp101 to put down.
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    Sounds like fellers didn't know what they were doing. Stick a .22 right behind the ear and watch em drop. .380 should be overkill.
  8. We put the stun on the front of their head, never seen one not drop.
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    NE Utah
    Global warming, cold as crap in the south east, freak storms, cows and pigs won't die, GM reduced their warranty....somethin's up...:cool:
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    I blame Bush...

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  12. Many years ago this happened to my Grandfather. 22 Special (not quite a magnum) between the eyes & the steer went down, but came right back up. Three times in a row. The 30-30 did the job. Turns out this one was a freak - there was a second skull under the normal one & the 22 bullets flattened out and failed to penetrate. For the record, that was the worst beef we ever had; Grandpa said the same thing happened to a deer that was poorly hit. :confused:
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  14. Yeah, I'm familiar with it. I traveled a lot back then and went into every gunshop I could find scrounging up old ammo for it.

    Thanks for the link.
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    It was more for other folks who, like me, aren't familiar with the cartridge. :)

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    i learned something here today and with my thick head thats harder than it should be.

    I actually just bought some of that cow i'll report back as to how she tastes. what i do know is that she was an older cow aprox 11-12 years old that had been used for breeding and dairy purposes. This may have contributed to a harder skull in my mind.

    The pig wasn't the first pig put down with that revolver by that guy but he said it was the last that would be done without a rifle.

    I texted my wifes cousin who worked at a local butcher shop and he said that they would stun cattle but always use a 44 magnum on a large pig.
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    Here is a thick skull

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    Here is the full body

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    Trace a line from the base of the left ear to the inside corner of the right eye with a piece of charcoal; repeat for the opposite side.

    Place your shot perpendicular to where the two lines cross.

    We've used a single .22LR cartridge and have never had a problem.

  20. Is the one with or without the horns the thick body??
    Just making sure..