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    I was wondering if anyone on this forum has rebuilt a 380/9mm mag to just accept 380 acp. I hate fumbling around with the shorter ammo it makes it a lot more difficult to load. The round is so short in the mag that the angle the shell sits in it is very acute because when the ammo is seated all the way back it barely clears the keeper part of the mag. If there is people who have done this a diy on it would be cool. Some of you are going to tell me to convert it to 9mm so let's just not go there.
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    I thought the same thing about the mags when I got my CF380. Thought it should have a spacer along the back of the mag. I generally load the mag and just tap the back of the mag against the back of My hand to seat the rounds to the back of the mag. After you load the pistol all the rounds work their way to the front of the mag on their own accord anyway.

    I decided to leave it alone as my CF380 is super dependable and if I go tinkering with it I might mess it up.:)

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    Yeah I understand that it looks like I'm going to be with out a working pistol for a while. I was cleaning my hi-point and cleaned off carbon build up probably from the last owner and say a crack in my slide. And also I don't know how this happened because it's a comp but I was cleaning the end of the barrel and there was a lot of carbon build up on the crown. And got all of it off and there's a dent in the crown where carbon used to be. I further inspected it and the front of the barrel isn't round anymore. And there is some where on the rifling where the crown meets it. So I know my bullet is rubbing when it comes out. Not good.
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    See? Cleaning never did anybody good....:D
    Send it back to HP and you'll get it back as new......;)