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    So the wife currently has a Taurus and Ruger .380 for conceal carry. She likes both and has had no issues with either. However after some long days at the range her hands get sore from the recoil and stiff trigger pull. She loves shooting my Hi Point .45 and has no issues. So I'm thinking of getting her a Hi Point just to have at the range and obviously keep the others for carrying. My question is if there is any noticeable size difference or recoil between the two? I'd love to fire each to test em out but not really an option, as no ranges rent them out. Thanks all.
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    The guns are identical in size.

    The 9 mm will be a sharp but not hard recoil, the .380 will be very much less recoil.

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    Lol I was trying to figure out what word you had used in that sequence that would lead to censorship.

    I appreciate the info.

    Do you know of any difference in trigger pull? I'm not worried about power as this would be purely for fun at the range or open carry when fishing, hiking, etc...(usually bring the .45 or .357 for that though)
  4. I have the C9, and my son, the JCP40. The C9 is very soft shooting for a 9mm and easy to control, the 40 S&W is sharper recoil, with more muzzle flip, but handles well. I imagine the CF380 is a breeze to shoot. :)
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    Totally identical. Same everything ergonomically, the only difference in the 9 and .380 is the depth to which the chamber is reamed.

    And the chrome stripe on the slide.;)
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    Another thing to keep in mind that hasn't been covered is cost of ammo if that's a concern for you. Depending where you live .380 ammo tends to be about $5. Or more per box and a little harder to find. But that varies in different parts of the country just something to check into maybe. I have the 380 and love it. Easy shootin and fun, but if I could I'd trade it for the c9 strictly due to ammo cost.
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    Since she still has to get .380 ammo for the Taurus and the Ruger, I'd say go ahead and get the CF-380. It's VERY comfortable to shoot and noticeably less recoil than the C-9. If you think that she'd like a "soft" shooter, the CF-380 is the ticket:)! For ~$150 you can't go too wrong.
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    My girlfriend doesn't like the recoil of a Beretta 92 9mm, which to me is pretty mild even for a 9mm. However, she can shoot the cf380 with no discomfort at all. The heavy weight of the cf380 makes it much milder than other 380s.
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    I don't think You will find a softer shooting centerfire handgun than the CF380. Actually feel the slide moving more than the recoil.