380 thru a C9 ???

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    Follow me on this and then comment. I was at the range today with a buddy of mine who has a C9. I was shooting my 995TS and Glock 42. I had never shot a C9. My buddy handed me his c9 and I proceeded to load the magazine with the three rounds. The three rounds fired perfectly and I had a tight group. I reloaded the magazine with three more rounds and it fired perfectly. Both good, tight groups. I then realized that I had loaded the C9 magazine with .380 rounds! Again, I had tight groups and the gun performed flawlessly. What's the scoop? I also learned to be especially careful when switching guns at the table.
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    380 will fire out of a 9 mm if the extractor holds the case tight against the face of the slide. Not really a good idea though.

  3. Could have also switched the barrel for a soft shooter. And not did the due diligence of switching the slide
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    Well, chalk it up to being lucky. I would make sure that didn't happen on a regular basis though...might not be so lucky next time.
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    Sure, I believe it. I swapped the barrel on my .380 and now it's a 9mm.

    Both pistols use the same parts and magazines, the only diff is that the barrel chamber is different.

    Worst thing that'll happen, the brass MAY BE unsuitable for reloading after firing.
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    What 380 load were you shooting? 380 won't normally generate the energy needed to cycle a 9mm. There are some warmer 380 loads that sit on that fence, however. E.g, Remington Golden Saber 380 is warm and let's you know it in terms of felt recoil.
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    I shot FMJ, cheapo .380, reloads LRN in .380. I just knocked out the barrel retainer pins and put in the 9mm barrel, G2G. Functions perfectly.
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    It's hard on two parts of the gun in particular. First, it's rough on the extractor claw because now it must hold the case in place during the entire cycle instead of only during extraction. Second, it's hard on the Chamber Shoulder. Remember, straight-walled rimless pistol cartridges "headspace" against the shoulder (the front lip of the brass case butts up against the shoulder which stops the cartridge from going further into the chamber). The bullet has to jump an extra 1mm length and will almost certainly be "out of alignment" slightly. The Shoulder will have to act as a Forcing Cone but, because it is a right angle shelf, instead of a gentle cone, it does a very poor job of it. The bullet will scrape against the shoulder and cause wear to the shoulder and leave buildup and jacket/lead deposits in front of the shoulder. Over time, the build up could cause proper length (9mm) cartridges to not fully seat in the chamber, which could lead to usupported cases and out-of-battery firing. Additionally, wear to the Shoulder, if significant enough, could allow cartridges to chamber too deeply in and allow the bullets to engage the rifling prematurely, which causes over-pressure conditions.

    In short, you can do it once in a while but I don't recommend it at all. Save shooting .380ACP in your 9x19 Para/Luger chambered guns for TEOTWAWKI when the Zombies are rushing in and all your 9mm is used up.

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    Now, I'm not saying do it all the time. In a pinch though, I'd do it.

    Ive shot .380 out of my Ruger LC9 too.

    Again, not something to do daily BUT it can be done.

    9mms cheaper than .380 any who