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  1. Stopped at the gun store the other day had a nib 380 for 99 dollars almost bought it then my wife would have killed me already bought 4 guns already this year.
  2. OH, come on! I bought 3 guns Saturday before last; just let her know that if it wasn't for guns, your hobby choice would probably destroy HER marriage and she should be happy to see what you've spent your money on.

    Just don't let it turn into your own personal[​IMG]

  3. Thats what I tell my wife, I'm not out chasing loose women, I'm not doing drugs or drinking, and my hobby will be there for her to sell after I'm gone.

    I collect coins too, and have to go through the same thing about them.
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    Mine is cool to she knows it is the only thing I do. I dont have bass boats or ATVs. She also knows my collecting is fairly focused. I do not buy willey nilley. I am looking for specific type weapons. When one pops up she does not mind most of the time. Two in one week is the most I have done in the past while.
  5. Mine doesnt mind the guns as much as she does the accessories FOR the guns LOL