380apc and 9mm magazine inter change

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    I was cleaning my wife's HP 380 and my 9mm and noticed that I accidentally put my wife's 380 magazine into my 9mm and it seated fine. It wasn't until I went to load my 9mm did I notice the difference in she'll length since she has 2 mags and I only have one. I removed the 380 mag from the 9 and closely at the 2 mags and the only thing I noticed that was different was that the 380 mag had tighter curl on the reward part of the mag holding the shells lower in the mag. The question is in a pinch could a person use a HP 380 mag in a HP 9mm and vice versa if you straightened the reward curved portion just a tad just like what I did to the front tangs to help stop stove piping and FTF issues.
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    Yes. If they are broken in, you don't need to change anything.

    Remember, the .380 is also the 9 mm Browning, 9 mm Corto, 9 mm Kurz...and a few other names...but it's still just a shorter 9 mm.;)

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    They are the same magazine. No difference.
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    Thanks for the reply. It will be easier to get a spare mag now as our local dealers that carry HP parts always have the 10 round 380 but they are always out of the 9mm. Making me smile guys!
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    Yeah, just like ajole said. 9mm Luger = 9x19mm & .380 ACP = 9x17mm. The only difference in dimensions in the .380 has a case length that is 2mm shorter than the 9mm Parabellum.
  6. You may find better availability buying your magazines directly from Hi-Point - and they may be less expensive as well.